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  1. no, it could very possibly make your scarring much worse. do yourself a favor and skip the accutane treatment, i wish i did
  2. thanks maya, how about the vinegar method? should I wait to resume that as well?
  3. hello, i had my second smoothbeam treatment last wednesday and i want to resume my 40% lactic peels. how long should i wait before i start using the peels again. thanks
  4. Hey Obi, what type of place do you work at?
  5. well, I don't have keloid scarring but i am using this on my depressed scars. i have been using it for 5 days so far and although my scars are still there my skin does look healthier, redness is going away, i'll be sure to post if i do see some really positive results.
  6. hey nico, If I were you I would move to Florida, if I knew I could move some where warm and clear my skin at the same time I would be there in a heart beat
  7. Hey Sarge, In case you didn't know do not listen to hitman, you should stay out of the sun and use sun block for the next couple weeks while you heal, your skin will be very prine to pigment problems when it is new and pink like that
  8. Has anyone ever tried this stuff? My naturopath gave me a tube and said she has seen this stuff dissolve keloids within a couple weeks and that I should try it for my scars. I put it on for the first time last night and it didn't break me out so I will continue use. I searched the web for it and found very little info.
  9. My naturopath gave it to me. I put it on last night for the first time and although the scars are obviously still there it did not break me out at all so I will continue using it. I'll post an update if I see any positive results from it. I myself did a google search on it and couldn't find a place to buy it from. I think you need to be a licensed doc to buy this stuff, kinda like prescriptions.
  10. has anyone ever tried the Unda 270 cream. My naturopath said she has seen it start to dissolve keloids within the first couple weeks of applying it. I have a tube on the way and am going to try it on my hypertrophic scars.
  11. are you nervous about the outcome of this? i saw the pics in your personal regimen log and the 3rd set look pretty intense.