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  1. mattleinart

    No stinging or redness, no tackiness or stickiness!!! very mositurizing none Moisturizing had always been a problem for me, because it made my face slightly red during the day, and at night I HATED how my face would feel sticky against the pillow. This stuff goes on smoothly and does not make my face feel sticky, so I can actually go to sleep soon after putting it on. thank god!!!! and dan. also, dan says use 2 pumps, but 1 was plenty for me.
  2. The Cleanser and new moisturizer that arrived a few days ago were leaking... it was especially problematic with the moisturizer, where stuff will squeeze out of the plastic cap (below the pump) every time I pump it. This occurred even though the "pump lock" was in place when I opened the box. I'm putting my vote down for shrink wrap!
  3. If you have the schedule and the privacy to do the full DK regimen, then its wonderful. I however did not after I went off to college, and I broke out horribly after going off to college. Switching to Duac (the same as benzaclin pretty much) after first semester saved my face and I now use Dans BP in the day (followed by moisturizer) and Duac at night, both after using Dans cleanser (and AHA every other night). I still do not have the schedule for a perfect regimen and occasionally dont wash d
  4. When I add aloe after BP my face gets pretty dry but does not change the look of my skin, but when I add dan's moisturizer my face feels good but turns kinda red... actually no it doesnt feel completely good, it kinds burns a tiiiny bit. should i just switch moisturizers? bp alone just makes my skin dry.
  5. unless you live in new york, bottles water is really NOT much cleaner than tap water.
  6. In August i will be going to the beach with some very fine lady friends of mine, and obviously its very important that i have a clear back for the trip! Ever since i staretd breaking out when i was 14 (im 18 now) my back was usually covered with small break outs and also a small handful of big zits every week. Since i stareted getting more serious about my acne/bacne a month ago, I have seen improvement in by back. I have had maybe 1 big zit and the smaller ones have shrunk in number (and siz
  7. 1000 mg pills 1 in the morning, 1 in afternoon, 1 at night. so 3 pills per day, a total of 3000 mg's per day