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  1. Yeahhh for makeup! It's a life saver....
  2. word. i have curly hair and used the biolage to get my hair back to normal. i currently use Salon Care Honey and Almond Conditioner from Sally's Beauty Supply. it was only $8 for a gallon of it. [bTW; i haven't washed my hair in 2 weeks. ] you may want to check out naturally curly dot com, go to the top, click on curlmunity, then click on 'curl talk& trade'. they have a section dedicated to wavies and they have TONS of advice which could help you get your hair back to its best state.!
  3. Okay, going to post my replies in two posts...apparently I can't reply to it all together because there are too many emoticons ha
  4. Aww thanks everyone. I feel stupid, I forgot to mention that my hair has a little bit of wave in it, basically enough so that I can't say I have naturally straight hair and I can't leave the house without doing something to it. Right now I'm using Herbal Essences and it's okay, I do leave the non leave in conditioner in like you mentioned Jai hehe. That's definitely a great tip. The conditioner works okay, but I'm really looking forward to a miracle in another product. Anyway, I've got tons
  5. Over the summer I've really let my hair go, it ended up getting damaged from a drama production we did (I had to practically make my hair into a 'fro by teasing it and crimping So my hair is pretty damaged and frizzy in some spots. The rest of my hair is pretty nice but it could be softer. So girls, what are some good, not to expensive hair conditioners? I have a lot of hair, it's pretty thick yet fine..if that makes any sense I'm basically looking for something I can buy at wal-mart or so
  6. hehe, I just recently bought a whole bunch of bras to, I also have about 10 maybe a few more. It's a little much but I like my selection in the morning. This bra bag sounds interesting. Maybe next time I go out I'll look for one.
  7. Yep, go for the Everyday Minerals. Bare Minerals can really break out acne prone skin
  8. but.......if it really worked wouldn't you be ditching the accutane and using it instead? If it really does do anything, it probably just bleaches the skin like miss.chaNel said. However, I don't think window cleaning product could possibly be good on skin blemishes.
  9. Okay, so I've been using this stuff for a little over a week. After the first few days my acne seemed to be getting better but I was getting really, really dry. I seem to be getting still not as many big red pimples but I'm definitely getting some whiteheads. I also still have a lot of dry, flaky skin but the moisturizer doesn't burn when I put it on anymore and takes care of the dryness pretty well. It's almost like it was when I first started using it The only problem is my face is still a
  10. Yep, I totally agree with this post. They won't ever tell us the cures for acne, or even cancer. It doesn't seem they care how many people's lives are ruined or even taken, they just want to keep the money coming in. I do hate the world sometimes..... It's just full of total selfishness.
  11. I'm currently on Differin which is a common retinoid and I haven't experienced a IB yet. I've only been on it a week so far. I do have some embarrasing redness and flaking, and right after putting it on I get some burning. I do think it's worth it though. I mean think about it, you may get worse for a couple weeks but after that it's clear sailing. Then you'll be getting clear for the school year, and in a couple months will probably be totally clear.
  12. You might want to try Signature Minerals. I've been using them for about a month and a half and they haven't caused me to break out. They even have free samples to make sure you get the right shade if you place an actual order. Also, they have a page on their site that compares their ingredients to those of some other mineral makeup companies. http://www.signatureminerals.com/ingredient-comparisons.html and the actual ingredients of SM http://www.signatureminerals.com/natural-ingredient
  13. hahaha I've thought about this before. My acne isn't really painful except for the occasional cyst so..I would say the bottom of my feet.
  14. Thanks both of you for replying! First of all, yeah I'm not using ACV or Sea Salt right now. I probably won't ever go back to it. I am getting pretty dry from the two topicals together. I had no idea I wasn't supposed to be exfoliating along with the Differin, but now that you explain it, it does make since just to let the retinoid do the work. I should have figured that out before So I'll stop using that, and maybe it will help a little bit. I'm wondering if I should reduce it to every ot