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  1. ARRRG Somehow this poster makes me wish someone invented some way to stab people in the face over the internet. How can someone be so irate and get away with it? I'd ban him in a sec.
  2. I think it's just like any other kind of acne. BP or anything that works for you on other acne should work the same, but be careful not to eat it. =P~
  3. Cysts are like really big whiteheads that are clearly inflammed and generally all yucky. I think you can pop em (it's hard tho) but they will scar like nothing. Nodules are like cysts execpt without any creamy white center, like a big fat ugly mosquito bite that clearly takes up more then one more pore of room. Yeah and they usally hurt/itch/whatever, at the very least for me.
  4. Good lord man! Do you mean six seperate times, or six times at once? (You know what i'm talking about)
  5. That just sounds way to weird man. 8-[ Also I'm skeptical. That site says garlic is super-duper good anti-bacterial/microbe/viral agent, yet doesn't explain WHY. I'm all for herbal treatments, if they can be PROVEN. For instance, scientists in Austrialia isolated a chemical in TeaTree that interferes with bacterial metabolism. It's easy to state X is really good for you, but it is seriously difficult to prove it. Even if their claim that garlic even at low quantities kill bacteria is true, i
  6. When people talk about "permanent scars" they usually mean something along the lines of this: These scars can be caused from very bad acne, or even from popped pimples that become infected. They usually never go away. However, anything red on your body is usually a sign of immune system activity; it is literarily because of increased blood flow in the area. In fact this is why pimples are red.
  7. Heh, that's what they'd like you to think. But it's bull.
  8. Some of the acne on that site is severe to the point of being a major health risk. Any sort of skin infection that bleeds spontaneously can easily spread infection to other parts of the body. I would take much more drastic measures then the regimen if your acne looks like that.