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  1. Prior to my course, my skin was very hardy - it didn't take well to moisturizers, but I could use noncomedogenic ones without breaking out terribly. I could also wear sunscreen without my skin getting really irritated. I finished my course sometime last February, and since then have been trying a lot of products to combat dryness and for sun protection (so red marks - which I still have - will fade faster). I've tried creams, lotions, and serums for problem skin, and they've almost ALWAYS led
  2. Don't know if everyone on the paleo diet has experienced this, but when I followed it perfectly I also pooped perfectly. Every morning like clockwork. Just a thought - try modifying your diet.
  3. Problem is I spend about 8 hours locked in a room to do work - I end up having to purchase food from a vending machine if I don't bring it myself. And while paleo meals are definitely satiating (much moreso than bread for me now, thank goodness), I physically can't put away huge meals. And thank you Pixy & Wynne for the suggestions, they'll keep me from going hungry.
  4. I need something portable and not too smelly - I usually end up not eating at all or settling for something carb-dense to curb hunger, which of course is no good. Could you recommend snacks for in between meals?
  5. Just wondering what other people's experiences have been with milk + acne. Bought my first half gallon in years and had several glasses, along with ice cream (ha). Now I'm experiencing a breakout, got some large papules which I haven't had to deal with for months. It's only been a couple days - does it really act that quickly? I didn't even know I was intolerant to milk; I usually eat dairy with no problems though I rarely tough straight milk. What's in this stuff?
  6. I currently take a handful of supplements (magnesium, zinc, vit A, cod liver oil) and am planning on adding in a B-complex and D3 for my skin. This means I'll be taking 6-7 vits a day, which isn't appealing. Could anyone recommend a good multi that has all these vitamins, or should I just stick to taking them separately? I have no interest in popping vit E or C (and whatever else they stick into multis), so a simple one would be preferred. Advice is appreciated! Thanks.
  7. I'm not getting enough. I've been eating avocado, salmon and walnuts but it doesn't seem to be enough. Could you suggest some other fats? Preferably delicious? Thanks.
  8. Try an oil cleanser (there are a ton out there that get great reviews, check Makeupalley for these) first and always follow up with a heavy-duty cleanser that will remove all traces of oil (even if it contains an emulsifier, which allows you to rinse off the cleanser more easily). I use Neutrogena's liquid facial soap, which cleans very thoroughly (wouldn't get off ELDW on its own though). It would help even more if you used a facial brush (manual or something like the Clarisonic), microfiber cl
  9. This is interesting - do you have any more info on the subject? My mother's an O, loves grains/starch/bread, and has virtually no interest in eating meat. She's pretty largely vegetarian. I'm B and would be perfectly content probably eating raw beef for the rest of my life.
  10. YES. I got super-complacent after my skin virtually cleared up in my late teens and put whatever I want into my body. Maintained really terrible sleep, lifestyle and eating habits (thanks, college), and continued to do so because my skin looked fine. Fast-forward several years and not only was I dealing with worse acne than I'd ever had before in my life, I'd gotten intensely unhealthy. Accutane's certainly made the biggest difference in my skin, but I doubt I'd be able to maintain it if I did
  11. Paleo diet kicks ass! Then again, I'm a huge fan of steak.
  12. Do you typically break out from drinking? Then I don't think you'll be immune this time around. I've taken pretty long breaks from drinking (though not years-long), and starting up again had zero effect on my skin. For that matter, drinking profusely didn't either. Boy I'm helpful. Point being, I think you'll be fine if you stick to something like vodka.
  13. I have shallow rolling scars on my cheeks from my Accutane course. They're pretty mild but they make my skin look uneven, especially in dimmer lighting. It's been about 8 months since I finished my course, and they look about the same. My question: Do these smooth out over time (on their own) because they aren't that deep? Are there topicals that might improve shallow scarring (referral link on FAQ thread is dead)? I can't afford laser treatments and don't want to aggravate my skin with pe
  14. Has anyone noticed this effect? Since I added in supplements my skin seems to have gotten more oily, and the worst of it happens when I intermittently take fish oil pills.
  15. I second this motion. Make your cheating worthwhile.