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  1. use baking powder as a replacement. I would even see if the natural alternatives affect you. As someone has already said virtually all products contain dangerous chemicals. Ive just olive oil as alternative for shaving get and its fine. Im gonna use vinegar to wash my hair 2moro. ACV to be precise.
  2. If i was you i would give deodrants and anti-persperants a miss. That way u can tell for sure. Mine was anti-perspirant deodrant. Whatever that is.
  3. Melek. I used the gel aswell. The one i was using was Gillite ClearGel Cool wave. Since i stopped my skin has improved. Jake- There are lots of alternatives from my understanding ive been reading about magnesium oil or baking soda. Welshlad from what i have read i belive they do all the designers i think. Best thing to do is searches on the net like i did.
  4. I don't believe everything I read. Neither do i. At the end of the day i aint trying to sell you something im just telling you my own experience and its your perogarative to do what you like.
  5. Research and believe what u like. But until you try something u will never know. I also mean anti-persperants aswell. Its worth a try and wont cost a thing!! 100% of all alzhiemers paitents have Aluminium toxity...thats a stone cold fact. It gets in the liver and brain.
  6. I know its unbeliveble. You wont believe how it affects us all. Its responsible for so many diesease i reckon aswell the way its affected my the last few weeks no taking. It affects the brain so it will give us all types of shit such as depression, Alzheimers and so on. Acne is just one cause. Stop using for short while and you will see if it works.
  7. I have stopped using deodrant for about 2-3 weeks now. And i have noticed a huge difference to my skin. I have had serious Buttne, Backne and Chestne aswell as acne for about 10 years and its clearing up by the day. My skin is so smooth, my gums aremore healthier and and everyday im noticing improvement to myself. I read somewhere that it contains Aluminium and this builds up in the brain and the body and is affectively deadly to us. Ie in the long term cause problems such as Alzheimers, anyw
  8. Taurine is good for u, reduces stress and therefore stress related acne. Makes u feel very relaxed.
  9. Good Recommendation. The guy who sings sounds a lot like Morrissey. I love the 80s/punk music. Congratulations on your skin. So no side affects afterwards?. Im considering taking it.
  10. I'm assuming yo haven't received a whole lot of blowjobs in your life. Otherwise you would know the size of a girl's lips really don't make a difference. But if it satisfies your curiosity... yes, I do indeed give THE most fantastic blowjobs, thank you very much. Muahahha. PWNED. You want me to pwn you?? :D
  11. i have exactly the same problem. My skin flares up, it goes dry and spots become bigger. I was just about to make a post about the same thing, i thougght i might be the only one, but it seems not.
  12. Thanks for your replys, i will order some. Has anyone had succes with body acne using glycolic acid?