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  1. People primarily use this here as a whitening agent. They use them all over the body in order to have whiter skin. Yes, it's drying coz it facilitates gentle exfoliation. But I don't think this is for true acne scarring though.
  2. I'm using the cream form. Only started using it today. My derm has been using it herself, and she swears by it.
  3. I've had 2 boyfriends who have scarring back when I still didn't have any myself. The answer's still yes.
  4. I've done 10 sessions of microdermabrasion. It doesn't really do much for the scars. U need a series of treatment to really see d effect. The people that usually respond well to this teatment are those who have good skin to begin with. As for ur acne, it may or may not work. It really depends how u will react to it. I didn't break me out, but my bro-in-law had d opposite effect. As with any treatments, it is important that u make sure that it is being done by capable & experienced professio
  5. The clinic where I'm having my fraxel & needling done is also offering something called SCAG. I think it stands for stem cell auto grafting. Anyways, they are using that procedure for a celebrity here in the philippines who has severe acne scarring. They've been showing videos of the procedure here. Besides SCAG, that celebrity is also undergoing fraxel & needling. It was upon seeing her improvements that I was encouraged to give fraxel a try.
  6. Hi. I would also highly recommend (if u'r thinking of going 2 d Philippines) consulting at Dr. Victoria Belo's clinic. All her physicians/staff are well-trained. She's always trying new treatments/machines, but she'll only offer those that have guaranteed results. You can go to her site at www.belomed.com or if u want more information on her just google her or something. Her prices are affordable considering that she's very well-known here.
  7. As I am in the Philippines, I use Vaseline Shampoo as I've noticed it's really good in making my scalp & hair smell good. Then for treatment,I apply triamcinolone lotion (prescribed by my dermatologist) to my scalp.
  8. I am absolutely crazy over Havaianas flip-flops and Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer Line!
  9. I worry that I might bump into an old boyfriend, & he'll think that it's a good thing we're not together anymore.
  10. I haven't seen this one yet. I've been hearing good things about it. I'm hoping to see it some time soon.
  11. Good luck to you. Hope everything turns out for the best.
  12. I would like to go back to the days when my skin was still relatively clear. When people still see me as pretty. I just miss going out without worrying that someone I know might see me. I can't help hoping that I will wake up one day to have good skin again.