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  1. One more chance before I give zero fucks anymore. I'm going to try azelaic acid, and if that doesn't work, I'm covering all the mirrors in my house and avoid reflective surfaces everywhere. Got a pimple? Nope, never gonna see it so I'm never gonna know. I hate my skin, and I have not had acne for as long as some others. My acne isn't even that bad, but i magnify every blemish in my mind. I'm done with it. I'm going to stop everything and act as if I don't have acne, because I give zero fucks any
  2. Gradual process

    I've been using differin for about a month. I didn't see much irritation, but it might be because i mainly have small whiteheads and I only used it on my forehead. I have mild acne, but there has been a definite improvement. I barely have any inflamed pimples, and the whiteheads are much smaller. I use a organic and natural soap bar from Good Soap alaffia, and apply the differin afterwards for my nighttime routine. In the morning, i wash my face with the soap again. If you have mild/moderate acn
  3. You might be allergic or sensitive. If it gets really bad, you should stop using the products on your face and substitute a natural, gentle cleanser with a gentle moisturizer. Cetaphil would be recommended.