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  1. My case was resolved in January, but I STILL have every email sent and received by Striaex, the Vancouver BBB, and any legal avenues I was looking into that time just in case I need to revisit this issue further down the road. My bank eventally just refunded the 2 payments back to me because I absolutely refused to let this thing lay down to rest. I had been battling them from October 2007 and it didn't get resolved until January 2008 and a gazillion emails and phone calls later. DO NOT
  2. All it did was break me out more!!
  3. Good on ya Alvin! My bank just gave me back my $198, but Striaex STILL got $198 from my bank But I'm not done with 'ole Stiaex yet! Alvin, if you're dad's willing to take on a class action suit, PUHLEEZ let us know on this board coz I am SO ready to
  4. Nicolette, I posted this Ad back in October 2007 when my madness first began. I was still dealing with the Drama in January 2008!! My credit card finally refunded ALL the money that Striaex kept trying to steal from me because I said I absolutely will NOT pay for prodct I DO NOT HAVE! They said that they needed proof that the product was sent back - and received by - Striaex. I sent the bank ALL the correspondence I had with Striaex, the Fedex reurn label as well as the showing that it was a
  5. I'm curious to know what you've tried for your scarring as I'm trying to find something to help with mine. After 30k and no improvement I'd wanna strangle the doctor! Not like you can trust doctors because most of them are scam artists. Some are honest.......
  6. Oh Yelly...I received THE EXACT SAME EMAIL!! From their 'Legal Department'. And this was AFTER my bank sent the $99.95 charges back to them. I spoke extensively with the bank rep filing the dispute with Mastercard. The bank said ALL they needed was proof that the package was sent back. That could be a copy of the UPS receipt showing that someone from Striaex actually signed for it. You can get a copy. Just go to the UPS store where you sent it from, and they'll print a full sheet of the
  7. Jon...do NOT give in!! I first made my order October 1st 2007. I went through drama with this company from then until LAST WEEK!! Although my bank charged the two $99.95 charges back to Striex, they attemoted to recharge those same charges TWICE!! I told my military bank - who issued my credit card - to cancel the card, send me a new card with a new numbers, ad NOT to accept ANY charges from Striaex. This entire dispute was in the hands of my bank, the Vancouver BBB and a legal body where
  8. Thanks for that information, but I'm not on PST. So Vancouver is 3hrs behind me in time. If you don't live on the West Coast, then the times will be different. Now...on to a more exciting topic. Striaex has refunded BOTH charges back to my credit card!!! After I accidentially sent them an email that was meant for the BPCPA - and which outlined all that I placed on this site - they obviously must have taken steps to removed the charges and refund all that they took from me!! The drama has e
  9. What are you referring to? The madness of Striaex; the nonsense they've been putting me through for the last 2 months; or the BBB and DBCPA answers to my plight? I think all I really want to do is help all the victims of Striaex and to stop them from scamming others. There was one female on another site where Striaex had succeeded in digging into her disability funds. And all we all really wanted was to TRY the product. That $2.95 S&H fee has turnined into over $214!!
  10. Oops...I forgot to add the link to the correct better business bureau you need to be filing a complaint under http://www.bbbvan.org/index.php The BPCPA corresponds with the BBB to see how many complaints they have so that the BPCPA can make a proper determination as to whether the company is operating outside of the law. In this case, Striaex is...
  11. Yes...I'm back again. I didn't feel the need to post unless I had something positive to report. One of the charges billed to me by Striaex has been removed. The second I'm waiting on. And I only think that is the case because they TRIED to deliver MORE product to me via UPS on Monday I asked UPS to return to sender because I didn't want it!! So here's what's been happening... 'Customer Service email me at ALL hours of the day and night informing me of what will and will not happen.
  12. Why do you say "lucky for you it bounced back "?? Why lucky for me?? A non-response action is just as it says. NO RESPONSE. A return email is just that...A NON-RESPONSE The reason I say not to threaten them is because knowledge is power. The more knowledge you can get from them, the more ammunition you have to work AGAINST them. If you come out guns boazing, their immediate response is to retreat and ignore you until they THINK you've gone away. If you KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS then the
  13. And Sierralita, do NOT threaten them by any means. That's definitely going to result in a non-response action from them. I threatened them with the better business bureau when I wrote to their [email protected], and it bounced back to me. I really think the emails are screened, and then sent back if there's anything in it that they don't want to respond to. Don't forget - they're in Vancouver, so they're 3hrs behing US time. They also claim to be open only on Wednesdays thru Sundays. Whi
  14. Email [email protected] If it bounces back again, try sending them an email from a different email address. I think they save all addresses. PUHLEEZ don't mention any of my posts. I'm pretty sure they monitor who emails them, any and all names and websites mentioned, and tend to use any and all information against you when they can. Since my refund is still pending, I really need for everyone to keep hus, hush on all I'm sharing with you until I get a word from them that they're
  15. If you'd prefer, you can read the book online instead of buying it Go to Google book search and type in The Acne Cure by Dr Terry J. Dubrow, then go to page 49 for the beginning of the cure steps