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  1. From every post I've read it's happened to everyone. But after that week is when Their skin really starts to change for the better.
  2. I've read a lot of things saying tap water in certain areas can contain a lot of minerals and microscopic metals. And the result is when the water reaches the oil inside your pores or instantly turns that oil into wax, clogging your pores. I realized this was happening to me because when I would visit my mom in Colorado used the tap there And my skin notisibly cleared each day. Filtered water is such a hassle but seems to be helping. I'm glad you found something that worked for you!
  3. I started this regimen a week ago also! And pretty much my skin is doing the same yours is. I get a few small pimples but they come a a head quickly and heal quickly. I am terrified of the purging period that everyone seems to have around the 3rd week. I hope when that come I'm strong enough to see it through!
  4. Let me start by explaining what the caveman/ water regimen is. The caveman regimen is when you COMPLETELY STOP washing your face. The water regimen is a modified version of the caveman regimen where you only wash with water, nothing else. The idea of these is that our skin is designed to maintain its self and by using face wash, especially acne medicated face wash, we are not allowing our skin to do what is is designed to do. If you want more detail there are plenty of forums online for you t