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  1. Personally I don't think you scars are bad at all. Most people probably wouldn't even notice. Microneedling wouldn't do anything. Cross might work but it will probably take many sessions for some degree of improvement but never really 100%. Fillers will improve that area instantly but most are temporary.
  2. You still have active acne. I would take care of that first before focusing on scars.
  3. Done this treatment a couple of times. Filler after subcision is a must otherwise the scars would just reattach. The erbium Laser it's up to you. I think it isn't strong enough to do anything significant but that's my opinion. It's cheap enough to try if it's your first time. I think it cost 1/5 of the total cost or something.
  4. Now that I think of it, I think this peel is only 35-50% phenol vs 80% phenol for Dr. Rullan's phenol cross. If the 80% cross wouldn't raise the scars, I doubt the lower percentage peel will.
  5. I have no idea since I haven't don't either.
  6. As much as I want to believe the pictures, I think the "after" pictures are due to swelling, especially the last pic.
  7. For scars that's were still depressed, did it do anything for those?
  8. How is the phenol peel results compared to the phenol cross/rf/subcision? Is it substantially better?
  9. How do you like the results? and when you mention "mostly" are there some marks remaining after 1 year?
  10. neither to be honest. microneedling hardly gave me any improvements. you will see more improvements with TCA
  11. gynoscar


    Have you thought about getting fillers? Even if it's temporary, it will boost your confidence in the mean time and you can always go back to get it refilled.
  12. Fillers would make a huge difference there. Most derm won't perform subcision there isn't it's too close to the eyes. Make sure you find a good dermatologist because cannulating or injecting into an artery or vein can cause permanent blindness since it's close to the eyes.
  13. Dr. Davin Lim keep posting these type of content on his IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJuCdpzDXsO/ I'm wondering if it's just post procedure swelling or real results.