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  1. You win dude.. I received just enough backlash from that post last night to make me rethink my position on this site. It's just left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll leave it to everyone else and there respective medical treating teams to solve the communities skin problems. 53 mostly constructive posts in 4 days.. Pretty good effort right. What will I do with the time I'll save. Continue with your journey and all the best.
  2. I mostly am not, a current sufferer. I did suffer from 14 - 28 though, very badly. Like at times suicidal ideation bad. But now I mostly have it in check. If I get really busy with work and study, kids, house, declining diet, increased stress, decreased sleep, etc, etc, then I can get some relapses but it's just an indication for me to do something (regarding the other things). I am also still dealing with 14 years of scarring. I understand in from a professional perspective as well as a persona
  3. Hi Nick, sorry but I don't have time to look up those particular products, but if they are from your dermo they they should be fine for the time being. You don't need to switch to jojoba specifically. But a water based moisturiser just wont be able to keep up once the dryness gets hardcore, even with slathering it on your face every so often. Like I said, you can use any combination of rosehip oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil , chia seed oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, camellia oi
  4. Sorry, but I'm just going to be brief today. You would benefit from a topical antibiotic. I would recommend using it without any other benzoyl peroxide if you can manage it, however if you can get Duac (clindamycin + benzoyl peroxide - or equivalent) then that would be ok. Opt for a topical AB over an adapalene based treatment at first. Why? Because I don't believe jumping to a retinoid, which actually changes how your skin 'operates', is necessary as often as it's prescribed. In addition to
  5. Good plan, see your dermo and consider what they say. Get the probiotic though, your GIT will thank you and you may notice an instant improvement in general well-being. Don't thin that your acne can't be hormone driven because you have constant acne and not fluctuating. I was just using the menstrual cycle as an example why some women only break out a certain times. Actually, considering that you have only had acne since your late 20's, it's more likely that you do have some intrinsic or patho
  6. + 1 for Argan oil products. Will work just fine for you also. (Sorry but I won't be answering any more questions beyond today. I received just enough backlash from a post last night to make me rethink my position on this site. Some people just don't want to hear how it is. I'll leave it to everyone else and there respective medical treating teams)
  7. Welcome! How bad is your acne? It must be pretty significant to warrant such a heavy load initially, especially after only a month (relative to others). What time of lesions are you experiencing? How old are you? I have used all of the above, with little success, however my acne was seborrhoea driven, hence not suited to those treatments anyway.
  8. Ladies, I'm sorry to hear about your hair problems. One thing spiro is prescribed for is actually to combat female hirsutism (hair loss) due to hyperaldosteronism. Which is why one of the dermo's swore that it wasn't spiro that caused it. Unfortunately this is likely a case of coincidence. You have all been on spiro for hormone related issues (in one way or another), and high levels or androgens (male hormones) will cause female balding. As much as the doctors can try to combat it spiro is r
  9. I know the feeling. Give glycolic acid products a go. I can't tell you what will work, just what might.
  10. Water fountain is correct, everyone is different and respond in their own way to treatments. You also have to look at the type of acne you have and your general skin type. The OCM is generally suited more for people with oily skin, as it usually signifies that they have disrupted the balance. Deeper forms of acne won't see much benefit of oil cleansing, but should still see something from oil nourishment. Considering the skin cycle is 4 weeks +/-, and even crude oil on the skin wont force someth
  11. + 1 for salicylic acid and glycolic acid. No for extractions. Plus I have heard so many horror stories of beauticians mangling young girls' faces whilst doing extractions. Not putting them all in the same boat, just wouldn't trust them myself.
  12. Have you spoken with your dermatologist regarding spironolactone? It might be something to look into. Then you can have a red hot go at ditching the chemicals without fear of acne reprisal. Don't go overboard on the water consumption. Based on what you've told me I would assume that you're not a big person. 3L is probably a bit excessive, don't feel that you have to consume that much. I'm assuming you are seeing someone regarding the anorexia? Jojoba oil is hit and miss with some people. But
  13. Whatever helps you sleep at night mate. By the way, I'm not a medical professional, I'm a health professional.. There's a difference. Again with the little boy attitude.. I didn't take a hit at your appearance, I actually complimented you twice (if not more). This forum, however, isn't about bum fluff styling so I assumed that was free rein.. Was I wrong. You really are funny.. I've got my knowledge from the exact same places as the medical students I trained along side, except when they we
  14. And there it goes.. I'll quote myself for you sunshine. Annnnnd, I was correct. Where in that post did I mention that I still have acne? That is the assumption that proves you the fool! I don't have acne at all. If I don't have time to wash my face it the morning, guess how my skin is at the end of the day? Perfectly clear! I'm here to try to help people that suffer like I did when the answers are just so simple. They just have to drop the stigma, myth and conventional belief surro