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  1. i'm pretty sure you should be using the differin at night... makes your skin very very sensitive to the sun.. double check, but that's what my derm said. -and i've noticed quite a few people on here who use it and use it at night. (i actually haven't filled the RX yet so i can't comment on the effects yet) just fyi
  2. hope this link works, but i read this earlier about the shell. if the link doesn't work let me know and i'll tell ya where i found it on here. good luck! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=161303&hl=
  3. As of today, around 9 days later, the Duac/Differin combo is going pretty well. I've only gotten 2 new zits since my IB and those 2 aren't that bad and show signs of fading fast. Before I started, I had pretty bad, moderate to severe acne...some cystic. If I were you, I'd definitely try it. The only difference in our regimens is the Duac and Clindamycin. Duac actually has Clind. in it (1%) and also has 5% BP, which I love, because in the past as far as topicals go, BP seems to have worked t
  4. hi dark knight, i recently got prescribed differin from my derm too (differn in the PM and clindamycin lotion in the AM) i haven't filled to RX yet bc i've been nervous.. how is it going for you? I know you said the IB was bad.. how was your skin before you started? mild acne? moderate? just wondering if i should just jump in and try it instead of reading everyone else's experience on it (can make you nuts!) thanks !
  5. Awww thanks I really am enjoying the fish oil. How have you been?

  6. Hi Molly! Hope u are enjoying the fish oil and hope all is well! Keep you chin up! :-)

  7. hey there, thanks for the reply....i'm going to order it
  8. Hi all, I have just rec'd samples of both Aubrey Nicole MM concealer and Everyday Minerals MM concealer... what is the best way to apply? I tried using w/ a make up wedge and was wondering if there is a better applicator. thanks all~!
  9. did you check the presciption? usually your derm will give you 1-2 refills - call the pharmacy, they might be able to tell you.
  10. So I have been fascinated reading thru this thread (some of it)- just curious, I see that the green cream is a retinoid- i recently went to the derm and she gave me an RX for both differin and clindamycin... I don't know how i feel about the differin (have filled the RX yet)- after reading posts on it, it looks like some people aren't liking it too much or having as much success w/ it. Any one else already try differin ? and mb moved on to green cream? any thoughts? Thanks all!
  11. all really good replies. thanks. Maybe my being a westerner has really conditioned me into my either/or attitude. i don't necesssarily live my life that way tho. i guess after visiting the dermatologist after 10 years i shouldn't have expected anything else (a bunch of RX's) - i guess too that i have a romantic idea of treatments...natural, thru foods, exercise and supplements--and healthy thinking maybe... i might go back to my accupuncturist. i visited him twice and don't know if i gave it