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  1. right sorry if i sound like a twat here because i know loads of you have really bad scars and active acne and well....i dont....but i have the usual red marks (which are fairly light but still very noticeable) all over my face and some active acne on my body. now to cut a long story short i've had a tough 5 years and im leaving school and going to college this year...im going to a 5 day music festival at the end of august (reading festival.......i live in the uk)and well i've decided that its
  2. well i managed to clear active acne so now im on the following regimen twice a day. 1)the tape method 2)salicylic acid wash rubbed in and left for 5 minutes then washed off 3)diluted malt vinegar dabbed on with cotton wool in addition i drink atleast 6 pints of water. then same again at night,this is very cheap and so far seems to be working.one more question now i've cleared active acne theres no point in using bp anymore is there?? i cleared it 2 weeks ago and haven't had a pimple
  3. hi im trying to clear my red marks and i've heard lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide (??) are good,wheres the best place to get these,preferably of a shop shelf. cheers
  4. ok i kno theres loads of topics on red marks around,but im not sure if mine are similer.i've had my red marks for coming on 11 months and active acne stopped about 3 weeks ago finally.i kno they fade out and stuff after a while but i would like them to go before the end of august,i just really need to. im using vinegar,tape method,tens pints of water a day,and loreals pure zone SA gel wash,does anyone have any other things they could recommend,bearing i live in the uk,im willing to try anythi
  5. this is my first post here although i've been reading these forums for a long time now. i spose i should start by explaining my situation,i used to have really bad acne,really bad,but through the use of a good wash and BP i managed to clear it abit.im now left with really bad red marks that haven't cleared in 10 months,about 2 pimples every 4 days or so at the worst,and thankfully no scars. but these marks are horrible,my complexion is very dull and the state of my skin amongst many other thi