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  1. DKR rocks!!! I had moderate acne and have used the regimen (as dan states) once a day for the last 3 months!!! I've only have occasional tiny breakouts that time of the month!! I do it at night cleanse, jojoba, 3 fingers of BP. The next morn, I cleanse, jojoba, moisturise, sunscreen. It's fabulous guys!!! Any questions feel free to PM me. But the DKR has enabled me to not be here as often now...I don't think about my face much at all now. So if I don't get back to you right away it's because I'm
  2. Well Hey...theres always youtube. People get famous that way...it could certainly draw people that way. We could do the commercials with Dan...those of us who really use acne.org and really have had success. We could show before/afters the same way. What do you think about that?
  3. Last night I was browsing channels and skipped past the proactive one...and thought...acne.org is soooooooooooooooooooooo much better! Imagine how much of his would sell, if he marketed it in that way! Imagine all the people that would speak for his products. Real life people that use them! know they probably charge an arm and a leg for this form of marketing, but Dan...you seriously need to!!!! Feedback?
  4. <3 to you Geeking! I miss you! I'm busy with kids and now school again (sigh) when will the school part ever end??!! LOL How are you? For those of you tired and fed up and have not tried acne.org regimen....please do! It's so so good! Acne.org I waited vey last to try and it should have been the first thng. Nothing(topical) has ever worked for me...this has! If you possibly can, please do try it!
  5. CHeck out whatI said about on the "regimen at night" thread
  6. I have been successfull with the regimen for almost 8 months now. Love it and my skin, yay! 2.5-3 weeks ago I decided t needed to limit my 2X per day to once every evening. I think I skin likes this even better. It was flakey...it would take an hour just to work on my face every morn just because the dryness was so bad. Funny thing is...when I was doing it 2X per day I was only using one pump. SInce I only use it at night now...I use dans recommended 3 pumps! One week ago I incorporated dans aha
  7. Yes. Not sure what kind you got, but they all use highly alkaline chemicals to break the disulfide bonds in hair. Irritating as hell, especially to sensitive skin. Darn. I did not get one yet but wanted to know if it could cause adverse effects before doing so. Even on my face... even though the solution doesn't get on my face?
  8. I always wash first with Purpose, then apply 8 drops of jojoba oil, then apply the bp. After the BP dries, I apply moisturiser and 2 days a week dans aha in the evening. In the morning I do the above and then appply SPF and moisturiser...I then apply an additional 8-12 drops of jojoba oil. I honestly never really measured the 2nd application of jojoba in the morning. I am verrrrrrrrry liberal with the jojoba. Never ever caused a breakout. I will use the amount it take the either remove the dry
  9. @ Grrrlie congrats Girl! That's my story to a tee 7 days a week for 12 years! Are you still makeup free? Welcome all newbies! I have been makeup free now for almost 1 whole year guys. I am also on DKR and just loving my skin. Its dry if I dont use enough jojoba oil but i'm super happy with it. I've even had people say (to other friends) that I'm the most beautiful they've ever seen me (no makeup) and all guys! I hope this inspires you all to stick with it. You are ALL doing so great. Sorry i ha
  10. I found a cure for this (for me anyway). I am no longer applying any near my eyes (although before when I did it was quite a distance from them) but I am applying as Dan mentions he does. Only on the bottom half of my face. This has solved this issue for me guys. Try it only on the bottom half of your face
  11. Hey Brandy, The batch number I am using is 0181, and its almost no fail that my eyes burn after almost every application. I haven't said anything because its doing so so well for my skin, and I want to keep using it, but its probably damaging to the eyes if it keeps burning them. I leave a pretty wide circumference around my eyes as well. Any ideas suggestions? I had the same problems with the first bottle as well. Hmmmm?
  12. I'm not going to waste too much time because the OP has his mind made up already but I started DKR 3 months ago, and all I can say is DKR ROCKS!!!!!!!!! Liquid Gold. Dan please please don't ever sell your products to a big company that will put all kinds of cheap fillers in it, jack up the price, and change your formulation. Sincerely I thank you from the bottom of my heart you are a godsend!