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  1. I just ordered a 30% glycolic peel from www.platinumskincare.com (it's my first peel) and the postage costed as much as the product itself, so i'm paying about 50 dollars just for a 1 ounce bottle. Does anyone have any experience with this product and if so, how was it?
  2. The strength depends upon the manufacturer and the pH of the product. For the original poster, here's a great link about glycolic acid peels. Yeah that peel looks great but the shipping is $17 and combined with the cost of the peel which is 20 something dollars, it's going to be expensive. I can't really afford over 30 dollars US, so can you link me to another glycolic peel that is cheaper?
  3. Well after what, five months on the regimen most of my pimples have gone, but i have A TRUCKLOAD of red marks and they make my face look like crap. I want to start a glycolic peel probably 30% because i've never used a peel before, and the only product with glycolid acid in it I use is proactives toner (because its the only AHA I had lying around and the percentage of glycolic in it is probably low anyway) So is there anything i should know, eg should i stop the regimen for a few days before do
  4. The most important thing is to be persistent. If it is burning, like kim said, lower the BP dosage temporarily.
  5. I know, it really sucks. Just when you think it's going, it comes right back worse than before.
  6. So i've been on the regimen for what, two and a half weeks, and Dan's BP in conjunction with a cleanser and moisturizer is amazing. The pimples on my cheeks and chin were getting smaller everyday and i was really surprised. And most recently about 2 days ago i looked in the mirror pulled the hair which covered my forehead up and stared at the mirror in amazement. ALL my cysts were gone! If anyone isn't achieving results with the regimen i highly suggest you consider buying Dan's BP gel. Even t
  7. Being in High School is the worst. "You have face cancer" "Your face looks like A WW2 battlefield" That last one actually made me laugh, but it is somewhat true lol.
  8. ...... Anyways I think i might have fixed it. But it is dispensing less than i thought; how much cleanser does one pump usually dispense?
  9. Well my Dan Kern Cleanser and BP arrived today, and i was looking forward to use them. So anyway i go get the cleanser bottle and press on the pump. Nothing happens (I didn't know at the time you had to turn it =/ ) so i push harder, and harder, and i hear it break. The spring is still on it and intact, but it won't connect now. I looked on the floor to see if there were any parts that might have fell down, but nothing was there. So is there anyway to repair or replace the pump? I really don't
  10. I know there is an Australian supplies thread, but not much information was posted about moisturizers. Currently I am using cetaphil moisturizing cream and it is alright but it leaves my skin too shiny/oily. So can anyone recommend a good moisturizer available in shops? It doesn't have to be for sensitive skin, it doesn't have to be SPF, as long as it is very effective and has got good reviews i will check it out. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah i better stick with the clearasil because since i have acne all over my face spot treatment is pretty much impossible. Even after putting it all over my face the clearasil isn't irritating which is good. I'm still going to use lots of moisturizer though!
  12. I started the regimen a few days after discovering this site. As i had been seeing extremely positive reviews about Dan's cleanser and gel i decided to order them. But as i live in Australia they could take up to a few weeks to arrive. In the meantime I am not sure what cream/gel i should use on my face. Most users on this site are saying that clearasil isn't very good so I'm not sure about using it. Benzac has 10% BP which could irritate my skin. Even though i use lots of moisturizer i tend t
  13. Yep, 13 here I just registered today. Started the regimen a few days and i hope it'll work wonders