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  1. Thanks Anna and it's ok piqua. I was a little offended but it's forgotten. Anyway, here's a link to petlover's thread...you can find some information on what to expect during and after the needling treatment and also what to do for aftercare. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...amp;hl=petlover And here's a link to the big needling thread. You should really read through all 68 pages if you're seriously thinking about getting needled. You can find all your answers to any questions
  2. My last of the 4 treatments with Lisa was January 9th. I was planning to do a write up on my improvement 4-6 months down the road to let others know about my results and experience with needling but since I read your thread, I decided to reply. I have been lurking for over a year now and after my bad experience with the fraxel doctor, I started to research a different option. Thankfully, like I said, I found the needling thread in which `PetLover` posted her experience along with her before
  3. It depends on what type of scarring you have. I've had 4 treatments of needling and they have improved the look of my scars quite a bit. My scars are not the normal acne type scars but if you want to take a look at before and after pics of needling from the lady I had needing done from, check out www.biotouchcanada.com. The results on the asian girl, who is also a member on this board, are amazing and that is what prompted me to go to see Lisa Lam. She is super nice, highly skilled with o
  4. Hi everyone, i'm a new member and in the midst of getting possibly 4 or 5 fraxel treatments. I just had my first one last week but came across information on skin needling and was wondering if it's ok to do a session of needling between my fraxel treatments. I'm thinking of doing a needling treatment one month from now, then wait another month and continue doing my fraxel treatments. Would that be ok? Also, does the needling help improve hypertrophic scarring and poreless shiny scars as well