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    extremly painful itchy acne

    thank you for your reply. i am 25 years old .my hormonal test results are with in normal range.you are right it doesn't feel like acne. it itches a hell lot and there is burning sensation on my face.i will try sudocrem and will also look up folliculitis. thanks
  2. hello everyone. i am suffering from severe acne breakout. it all started one month ago. i never had any acne issues and my skin use to be clear,but now its all ruined. one side of my face is worse than the other. before pimple appears my face will start to itch and then a zit will pop up. these pimples are extremely painful even when i talk and move my face i can feel the pain. they are extremely red and very very very itchy. i have tried salicylic acid , retinoid, benzoyal peroxide, oral antibiotics as well. i eat fruit and vegetables and dont eat any junk food. i have eliminated dairy from diet . i have stopped using all makeup products and otc face washes etc. i have booked an appointment with dermatologist but thats after 15 days. kindly help me out. i cant tolerate this pain .i t has lowered down my confidence as well.