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  1. this is exactly what i do. at first i thought that maybe the imrpvoement was due to the fact that the cream acted as some sort of cover up, but its been about 10 days and there is a significant improvement. i wish i took a picture, but my camera is broken. in response to above, red marks do not always goes away with time. this method of dabbing definitely works. it almost prevents new red marks from forming. i'd really recommend this product and method to anyone. at first i was skeptical, s
  2. wow, this stuff REALLY dramatically works! i'm going to take before and after photos but I can totally tell the difference overnight using your method, putting globs on w/ q tips 2-3 times after it absorbs. they say it works on the first application or your money back, and they really arent kidding
  3. im going to try those omega 369 tabs... thanks for the tip

  4. even if it says non comodogenic, if u use too much, it clogs your pores. dont get tricked by marketing terms.. that moisterizer has cetyl alcohol in it (irritating) and oil in it (possibly cuasing breakouts) try a new one, and ONLY moisterize when your skin is obviously dry.
  5. try an extremely gentle soap, i use aquaphor mild soap free cleanser (its actually for babies) it is for super sensitive skin but more importantly, you have to use SUPER gentle technique, barely touching the surface of your skin. pushing or rubbing the soap down hard doesnt HELP, it will set u months back and make your acne beyond your worst nightmare. good luck
  6. it sounds like you are pretty desperate and i can relate. the best advice i can give to you is to NOT NOT NOT scrub hard when u are washing or putting stuff on your face. be super gentle. if u irritate, you will break out. dont keep trying 1000 new products or ur skin will be irritated as shit and KEEP breaking out in new places. try using PH balanced products read the posts at the beginning of this board.
  7. mog thats terrible. he didnt even use an ejector??? disgusting. go to a differnt derm. idiot
  8. an add on to this. if it does have a prominent yellow/ puss head, then and ONLY then use a blemish extractor to pop it. (same thing dermatologists use) they get the core out, by isolating just around the tiny blemish. be very careful, never break the prominenet head rule, or u will end up irritating the hell out of it.. http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...;categoryId=B70
  9. Dude, please listen very carefully. Irritation, Irritation, Irritation!!!!!!!!! You wipe your face with a school paper towel>?! those things are like sand paper!!!! when u put the soap on your face, be SUPER DUPER gentle, barely touching your face. scrubbing hard make it worse, and ur face will be horrible. u use bar soap on your face? BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! please private msg me. i would like to help u.. please
  10. i'm sorry to tell u this, but a month is NOTHING. it takes a day to get a zit, but the scars can last for months. its unfair, i know. just stick with the aha and u might see a difference in a few weeks. take a picture now so u can compare because u wont see a vast improvement day to day.. but looking back ull see it.
  11. hi dave, i was / am in the same boat as u except i was only on the regiemn for 1 year. now im dealing with the clogged as shit pores and dead ass skin cells. regarding the ingredients, this post has a good checklist of ingredients that are irritating. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Biggest-M...takes+checklist i would say that scrubs with beads in them should only be used very occasionally. me personally, i used nivea envigorating face scrub for men, which got rid of alot of dead skin
  12. honestly it could be a few reasons. A) u could be touching the areas subconcioiusly without knowing it b) clothes could be rubbing against it or your pillow most likely tho, your pores are just clogged as shit in them areas. u need to exfoliate. paulas choice bha worked for me
  13. it seems like u are using alto of different products. i dont know if the facial steamer is a good idea. it sounds like u are doing alot to irritate your skin
  14. why is zinc sunscreen so good and what brand are u using?
  15. i used the soap b4 and it was great, left my skin feeling so soft.