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  1. P.S. I'm starting to think it might be demodex mites instead, but I'm not quite sure! It almost looks rash-like and itches pretty consistently. There's also been times where I broke out in rashes on my eyebrows, forehead, cheeks, etc. Not sure what I should do!
  2. Hi everyone, I really need your help! I went on the Yaz generic version, Loryna, almost 8 months ago (I'm on the last week of my 7th pack) for my acne and to regulate my period. While my period is regular now, I'm still experiencing consistent itchy breakouts, many cystic and some whiteheads. It seems like every day I'm getting a new one! I'm really conflicted because when I told my gyno about this a few months ago, she said "stay on it for a year". I feel like if it's really not working, it'