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  1. I'm on day 22 and I think I'm purging u have mild acne but man can't wait to see results
  2. I've been using it for a week so far my acne sucks
  3. I'm using clindymacin lotion in the morning and aczone at night and so far my acne is a little bad I've been on it for a week idk if it will get better but I pray it does
  4. I'm taking it now the Lotion and my face gets pretty red especially me acne scars
  5. Yeah it really does whenever I put something checmilas on my face it messes up my face. I know there are probably gentle cleanser and moisturizers but it's scary to find out since you may break out from trail and error with them
  6. so far so good no new pimpls except for today i got 3 but 2 are smalll as hell and not noticable and the one neart my war but i think i got that from sweat. hoepfully this keeps working
  7. So far I've been taking Carlson cod liver oil but I was taking it wrong and was taking 2 table spoons for two day and I broke out thankfully I noticed it was 1-2 teaspoons so now I am back on track and no new pimples have formed and marks are slowly vanishing. I also take zinc picolinate 50mg a day. Hopefully this cod liver oil works and I can be clear.
  8. I have to take 2 tea spoons I'm so fucking stupid I have pimples now because I took too much COD
  9. I got tired of taking each vitamin sepreately so now i am taking Carlsons cod liver oil 2 tbsp a day after a meal and seeing if it works so far its been 3 days of doing it but no drasitc change although i have seen that my pimples have blended in more to my skin arent as big but hopefullly they will go away.
  10. Starting cod liver oil Carlson brand 1 tbsp a day have heard good reviews from this so I don't have to take each vitamin a e d separately and still taking zinc picolinate 50 mg. Hopefully this clears up my acne guys.
  11. I'm glad you found you're cure hopefully one day I will find mine
  12. The cerave burned my face more my chin
  13. The cerave made my skin red I used the foaming facial cleanser and then the pm lotion and it made my face shit
  14. I put on stupid cerave cleanser and mosituzer and broke me out now I have to wait for my pimples to go away. Not putting anything on and just takes vitamin D 2,000 vitamin e 400iu and zinc picolinate 50mg
  15. acnekid10



    This broke me out I didn't have any pimples but 2 now I have 4 on my chin this sucks
  16. Does vitamin e help with scars for people not on accutsne?
  17. Am wash face with cold water and then use the cerave foaming facial cleanser wash with cold water then apply the cerave pm mosituzer (just started using cerave been on the cavemen tegimen soon much dead skin had to stop ) PM same thing lol
  18. edit. i dont wash my face at all only when i shower which is not everyday. also have a clean diet eat green and qunioa everyday and have a green juie every morning.
  19. Recently took vitamin A 10000 iu vitamin e 400 iu vitamin d3 2000 iu and zinc pciolmnate 50 mg and skin got clear no new pimples but had to stop because my stomach got inflamamted and was worried too many pills a day, well me thinking it was the zinc alone doing the job because i had previously taken vit a and e and nothing but i have new pimples today after stop taking eveyrhting else but the zinc, so now i am back on the vit d 2000 iu and we will see if that was the cure for me in a couple of
  20. I started taking vitamin A 10,000 IU vitmain 3 400 iu vitmain d3 2000 iu and zinc picolinate 50mg and my skin got clear no new pimples, BUT my stomach got infllamted by taking all of these pills everyday so i had to stop taking them and i only took zinc alone thinking that the zinc alone had cured my acne, well i have new pimples now and they suck my stomach has reduced in flammation and is better now so i am taking d3 2000 with zinc picolibate 50mg once a day and hoepfully my face goes back to
  21. I'm taking vitamin A 10,000iu vitamin d 1,000 iu and vitamin e 400iu will this help clear acne hormonal? How long to see results? Should I supplement zinc 50mg picolimate
  22. acnekid10



    So i have been taking zinc and vitmain a pills and today wil start taking vitamine pills 400 iu a day alongside the other supplemetns i take, hoepufly this will help my scars and acne fade.
  23. Hey guys I'm off the caveman regimen it didn't seem to work for me my skin got way too dry. I'm moisturizing now with Aragon oil 100% pure but I'm not washing my face other than water still no harsh chemicals. I am also taking zinc 50 mg and vitamin a 10,000 iu a day hopefully this helps.