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  1. Here is whats in it..if anybody want to know Aqua * Urea * PEG-100Stearate * Petrolatium * Myristyl MY * Ristate * Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil * Dimethicone * Brassica Campestris * Stearyl Alchol * Cetyl Alcohol * Butylene Glycol * Stearic Acid * Propylene Glycol * Arnica Chamissonis * Glyceryl Stearate * Methylparaben * Parfum * Tocopheryl * Acetate * Allantoin * Ethylparaben * Acrylattes\C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer * Propylparaben * Butylpraben * Tetrasodium EDTA * Butylphenyl Methylp
  2. Arnica essentiel... http://www.beaute-test.com/2_en_1_beaute_e...yves_rocher.php I can`t find a english page about it.. Think its from italy\france or something... EDIT: Found--> http://cosmetics.yves-rocher.co.uk/cream-l...ive-Hand-Cream/
  3. Hi.. First I want to say im from norway so my english is not the best.. Im a "veteran" when it comes to battling my hypertrpic scars, I have tryed everything thats out there almost! My acne got infectet at the end off my Accutane threatment when I was 15, but dumb as I was back then I did`t go to the doctor before it was to late. I got some real big hypertropic scars, the to biggest are 4x4cm ca. And I have 6-8 smaler ones, and i dunno 20+ very small ones (small white spots) I got them lowered