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  1. I dont think weed affects you mentally if you are already stable minded; but if your a depresed kind of person or have a kind of persona that alters frequently; then cannabis can mee with you. Ive been smoking cannabis every day for about 4 years. I used to smoke 4/5 times a day but now i just stick to the evenings to help me sleep and relax. I guess its not good to depend on it to sleep; but to be honest im more worried about the detrimental effects of the tobacco rather than the green. Its tru
  2. Ok i've never evec commented on one of these things but i feel like you need to gain control in your life. You seem to letting him control everything; from your feelings and emotions to how he wants the relationship to go. By letting him do this and giving him the knowledge that you will be there at the click of his fingers. Its easy for him to have his cake and eat it, so to speak (By not being with you, but keeping you hanging on in there through loving texts..). He doesnt really even need to
  3. Question: I have just bought some omega 3 pure fish oils and from looking at the nutrition information i am now confused. You guys say around 3grams is recommended. This says two capsules a day is recommended. However the info says there is 214mg 'of which EPA&DHA' per TWO capsules. Therefore does that mean i have to take like 6 a day for it to take an effect? This is gonna be expensive....Advice would be appreciated x
  4. Its good (well not good really) that everyone seems to e experiencing the same things. I guess im lucky that i only have like 6 or 7 spots at a time; but these can still effect your social life; and i tend to stay in and tell myself that they'll all be cleared up in a few days and i can start to go out more. But then another one comes up. The thing is that around the spots i get i have pretty smooth skin; like my cheeks have never been a problem, and my back etc is usually pretty clear. Its jus
  5. Yeh thanks for that; i did think it takes different time for everyone so i will hang in there. I have looked everywhere for products with AHA but for some reason am finding them very difficult to come across in the UK; even when i look online. Ive changed my products a few times as the simple products seemed to get good reviews. Anyway thanks for that x
  6. Ive been on the regimen for over a month now; and although things arent getting worse; they dont seem to be getting better either. I have never missed an application and follow the regimen pretty precisely. Although by no means do isuffer from acne; i am still getting about 4 or 5 white heads at one time and often 2-3 papules, which as im sure you can all understand is upsetting. Just when one is on its way out; i can feel another one forming. I have stopped picking which used to be a bad habi
  7. Hi been reading your stuff and i really think at least while your waiting for your referral you should try the DKR regimen. Im from the UK aswell, and you can get stuff here for a reasonable price. If its really getting to you; you really should try it and remember persistence is the key. Ive been on it for nearly 3 weeks and although my skin is by no means clear; it has definately changed for the better. It does take about 30 mins for each application once you've cleansed, BP'D, and moisterised
  8. Thanks. Yeh i thought the moisteriser may have something to do with it. The thing is im from UK so cant get hold of DKR products. Im going to change my cleanser to johnsons top to toe as it seems to have good reviews. Do you know of any decent moisterisers that are available in UK ? Thanks for the feedback!! I only got the specific Nivea moisteriser as it was labelled 'oil free' and was anxious to get the right one with no oil. So its best to not peel skin off and just leave wel alone do you thi
  9. I use panoxyl aquagel 2.5 BP, its dirt cheap at like 3£. and just a boots own gentle cleanser. Moisterizer i use Nivea oil free moisterising fluid with witch hazel and allantion. My skin is really dry but my skin seems to be clearing up a bit, although literally look like a snake shedding a layer, ha. Fingers crosseD!!
  10. Yeh ive been on it for about 3 weeks and all its done so far is dry out my skin so bad. But i reckon persitence is the key here. I cant get hold of dans stuff as am from uk so using panoxl aquagel 2.5 BP. My spots are different now when they appear, they become whiteheads almost immediately where as before it took a while for a head to form. I find leaving everythin well alone is best. Its a habit to keep touching your face ALL THE TIME to see progress, i feel like tying my hands behind my back
  11. I have been on the regimen for 2.5 weeks now and although i only suffer from the odd spot here and there; it can still give me problems and cause me to be a recluse (we've all been there...) My main problem areas are my forehead a chin; i can papules (i think thats what they are) and whiteheads and can often get 6 or 7 at a time; and althouhg that is by no means acne and i should count myself lucky it stresses me out. The regimen has certainly had an effect; although for now i am still breaking