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  1. So I have been using the regimen for over 3 months now. Slowly but surely, my skin has been getting better. Just occasional break outs. I'm nowhere near perfectly clear, but I am much better than before. Until these last two weeks. My face has EXPLODED in this irritated acne. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
  2. It's probably personal preference. I would do my regimen after the hot tub though, just so that you are able to wash all of the chlorine and hot tub water off of your face. Also, BP "soaks in" pretty well, but I'm a paranoid soul and wouldn't want any splashing to remove it.
  3. I could be wrong on this, but I would say no, don't take it out of your regimen. I only say this because a lot of people stop using medicine when they are clear thinking they are clear forever, and their face breaks out the moment they go off it. Keep doing whatever you are doing, because it is probably KEEPING your face clear at this point. If you really wanted to experiment, you could take the taz out. Just make sure its the only element you take out so that if your face breaks out, you know
  4. Laura Mercier has a great oil-free one! And Tarte. Both of them are stellar tinted moisturizers. And the Mercier one has really good colors that actually match a variety of skin tones.
  5. Try Clarins SPF 40. It's called UV plus, and it is meant to be worn under make up, so it's super liquidy and therefore sheer and thin once it's on. Its 100% mineral, which you would think would make it thick, but it isn't at all. The minerals also don't irritate my acne. (Chemical sunscreens cause explosions of blemishes on my face!) The only thing that sucks is that it costs quite a bit. (I think $40 or so?) And I am a college student, so I am poor! But for me, it's worth every penny.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement! Another question. (I'm so sorry. I keep thinking of them!) Does it take you for-freakin'-ever to rub in Dan's BP gel? I swear, now that I am up to full application, it takes me a very long time to get it rubbed in.
  7. For your question to exactly what stuff I'm using: Kroger (a grocery store brand) Oil-free foaming face cleanser. Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Potassium Hydroxide, Lauric Acid, Triclosan, Polyquaternium 10, Pentasodium Pentetate and Tetrasodium Etidronate, Aloe Vera, Fragrance. Clarins Ultra Matte Lotion (which has never previously exacerbated my acne. I used it before ever starting DKR. I threw out the box, so I can't tell you what the ingredients a
  8. I have been doing the DK regimen for about 3 weeks now, and have seen barely ANY improvement in my skin. I have moderate acne, and I am also using an AHA (the flakes were driving me nuts!) to keep peeling skin to minimum. Did it take anyone longer than three weeks to see noticeable results? I'm just kind of losing hope here. My regimen consists of a generic oil free cleanser, DK gel, and an 8% AHA. I also use an oil-free Clarins lotion when my skin feels tight or dry. (About once a day, but o
  9. I have read that manual exfoliation steps up oil production. So if you have oily skin, and are really concerned with being "matte" throughout the day, I'd exfoliate at night. I'm not sure about chemical exfoliation, but I agree that exfoliation makes you pink regardless of what kind it is. So if it is chemical, I'd say personal preference!
  10. So I bought an AHA cream today. It is "8% glycolic acid in a pure 70% solution" according to the packaging. I put it on my face about 10 minutes after the BP, and I felt... nothin. No burning. MAYBE some slight tingling, but I was searching hard for it. Is there something wrong with my cream, or should I just consider myself blessed to have completely unsensitive skin? I apologize if this is an idiotic question. But I am sitting here trying to convince myself that I did not waste 7 dollars. The