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  1. Sure everything has it pro's and it's con's but if I had the choise I'd choose no acne. The con's weigh far more heavily imho then the pro's but I agree it also brings good things with it.
  2. Much sun on the short term might help. Though on the long run it's more what skin care products/people say; it will dry out your skin and it will age faster. But you shouldn't worry to much about that. Just have fun
  3. Aight am gonna try it . If this is gonna work am gonna laugh my ass off and you would be my hero
  4. I hardly can beleive it. Are you serious? If you get new pimples do you only put up a small piece of stickytape, only on the pimple or also on good parts to prevent new acne forming. Secondary, how on earth did you found out about this?
  5. There are tons of other diseases where you can say, people who don't have this or that disease just don't know what it's like. Some people have cancer, some people are crippled and we have acne. That doesn't take away that acne is shitty disease. In my point of view we have 3 choices: * Suicide * Just live cuz we live * Try to make the best out of it I choose to try to make the best out of it I hope you do so to
  6. Am 19 years old and when it comes to girls I have no experience at all. I know it shouldn't but sometimes this bugs the hell out of me. So I haven't even kissed a girl before and tonight was THE change to do something about that. I brought a girl home and I could feel she was interested. Problem is I wasn't physically attracted to here at all but am still on that shitty 0. What do I do next time I end up in such a situation? A Take the change, cuz at least am of that shitty 0 B Same thing has I
  7. Start living today girl, delaying is a bad thing to do for us acne sufferers
  8. I stay alive cuz I want to feel happiness on a regular/permanent basis. If I would die I would have failed to achieve happiness. Am not such a pussy to give up.
  9. I had to use my dictionary, I understand your point. Merry Xmas
  10. The girl next to me said that I had to ignore here friends and so we chatted a bit.
  11. Just little story I want to share I was on the bus back home, when a girl sat next to me and here friends where sitting on the chairs behind me (about 6 girls). So this random girl who sat next to me started to talk about what school I did and what I would be doing with christmas. Well I answered and asked some things back. All here friends started giggling cuz they know the girl was out on me (Which is about the first time I beleive ) Then they started asking real embarrassing questions
  12. First of all, thank you all for these hope giving replies, I honestly appreciate it. MATTOB I have to say it was a wonderful post and am very happy for you that you found such a special girl. Though I still don't really agree. Like somebody said before "Wouldn't having some prior experience being in a relationship help you maintain the one you really want to keep?". When am in the presence of a girl I often feel that am not acting right and to act right I think you need experience otherwise y