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  1. hey, um I was looking at your topic one day and then I went to your page and so it showed i viewed ur profile, then I guess you looked at mine cuz I saw it and i was like who is that? so i looked at yours and i was like ohh ya i remmeber looking nbat her topic lol just wnated to let you know so you weren't like why did this girl look at my profile twice? i know im weird...but w/e....lol

    1. CAITY

      Just got prescribed tetracycline

      Tetracycline will make your acne worst at first, so it is probably the tetracycline, but it will get better after you have been on it for awhile
    2. CAITY

      Pore strips?

      Yeah, they are pretty cheap so you should try them. I always get about five or six out on a strip. But everyone's different I guess.
    3. I don't have many freckles but I have always had itty bitty ones all over my nose a cheeks. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between a blackhead and a freckle. Can anyone help me be able to tell the difference? Maybe post some pictures if you can?
    4. CAITY

      Acne Progress

      Caitlin's daily acne progress pictures
    5. CAITY

      DKR Works, baby!

      good for you thanks for sharing