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  1. I haven't tried green cream, but Paula's Choice 2% BHA works really good for me. I have tried everything, and the only thing that has kept my acne under control is that product. I get a breakout every once in a while, but it's because of my diet choices (I have been eating fast food and a lot of sweets lately). If you want to, you can order a sample at her website to try if the gel, liquid or lotion works best for you.
  2. I use Cetaphil for oily skin and I love it. The scent is not too strong, is very gentle and it doesn't clog pores, plus it leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. You should try it.
  3. Hmm..I've heard good things about the Jojoba oil. So what is the best way to apply it? Do they make Jojoba moisturizers?
  4. I've read awesome reviews on the egg white mask, but some people use egg yolk instead because it has more protein and vitamins. Others say that the whole egg works good too. So... which one works better?
  5. BP was terrible for my skin, leaving it dry, red, itchy and irritated. I read in many websites (including acne.org) that TTO was a good substitute for BP, and read many good reviews about it, so I gave it a try. I love it! It works awesome on my skin. I don't use it all over my face, only as a spot treatment, and I can't complain. I helps in healing my pimples a lot faster than BP (in about 2-3 days the pimple is completely gone) and it's not harsh on my skin. The one I use is 100% TTO (I apply
  6. You have severe acne, and you should go to a dermatologist as soon as possible. I'm not a skin expert, but I think you are eligible for accutane.
  7. Personally, my experience with BP was terrible! I use Paula's Choice 2% BHA lotion and wash my face with Cetaphil. Those are the only products I use on my face (sometimes I use tea tree oil as a spot treatment), and for now, so far so good. What might be irritating your face is the BP, since some people are very sensitive to it. Cetaphil is not the reason of your skin irritation since it's a gentle cleanser, but using both green cream and BP is way too much for your skin to handle. You should st
  8. I feel the same way. I had mild acne, and I started using ACV to clear up some hideous red marks I had on my cheeks and also using jojoba oil. I tried tea tree oil as a spot treatment, and it did work for a while, but then I had a HORRIBLE breakout, one of the worst in many years, so I gave up on all the holistic methods, and I'm back to the regular stuff. I still breakout but not as much as before, and my overall skin complexion has improved incredibly and my pimples heal a lot faster. I still
  9. I've had in the past few days the worst breakout of my life... even my dad who doesn't notice these kind of things told me something this morning Want to hear the worst part of it? Where I live college starts this Wednesday, August 8. I'm so sad.
  10. I used it and didn't do anything for me. You should give it a try though, some people had excellent results using jojoba oil.
  11. Good luck! It sounds good, plus Indian women are gorgeous and most of them have beautiful skin, so it sounds credible. Keep us posted
  12. I found this at yahoo.com Apple Cider Vinegar: Secret Beauty Potion? Posted Fri, Jul 13, 2007, 9:39 am PDT For as long as there have been folk remedies, apple cider vinegar has been touted as a cure-all for all kinds of skin and hair problems. True, the mild acid is natural, preservative-free, anti-bacterial, and about as cheap as beauty treatments come. But does it live up to its rep? We asked RealAge's skin- and hair-care expert, dermatologist Amy Wechsler, MD, about the four most common cl