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  1. Have a nice time in France. I went a few weeks ago! i loved it. I love France, plus i have french blood...but hey, not much! some of my red marks go in just a 2months max, but others seem to be taking 5 months..or even more perhaps. Well ive only had spots since 8 months ago really but it seems like it has been forever. I dont know anything about BP. But i do take zinc tablets and evening primrose oil. I also try to drink 2Litres of water a day and i cant stop going to the bathroom...the wor
  2. apparently the move's also due to a recent split with his wife claire.

  3. I know how that feels. i hate the redness it leaves behind. That takes forever to go. how long does it take for your red marks to go? if only spots didnt leave any marks behind.
  4. IPL is intense pulse light...its a light laser and kills all the bacteria underneath your skin which is causes the spots. But if you dont have many spots and your more bothered about marks and scars try rose hemp seed oil...or honey is excellent also! Looks like it is going to rain today! yesterday was nice and warm. Take care.
  5. yeah from London but am away from home at uni though. How about you?

  6. To me it seems as though she already likes you regardless of how you think you look! Its nice that a guy is making this much effort though for a girl. Girls can be very sweet and accepting so dont feel scared to tell her about your insecurities. Its good to have open discussions. Ive only been suffering from spots for several months now..oh and a nice burn marks on my forehead and near my mouth! erghhh. Why dont you go to your GP and tell him to refer you to a dermatologist...or go through the
  7. i use to watch a lot of football when i was younger..but the last few years ive been too busy to follow lol. so i guess im not a dedicated fan...so are you from the uk?

  8. yeah for sure, u?

  9. I think when your unhappy about your personal appearance, you always try that little bit harder to make your personality shine! A nice personality is such an attractive trait and i think we often forget it because the world is so judgemental on our physical appearance. No one reads 'how to make yourself a more giving human being'...but im sure we have all been caught reading 'how to get flawless skin'. I know i do. x
  10. an arsenal supporter?

  11. good advice.. they like to play mind games. i wish they were straight forward.
  12. Before i had spots..i never noticed anyone elses skin. I didnt even notice other people had spots unless it was extremely severe. But since i began getting spots, i notice how other people have completely 'flawless' skin and i cant help but stare..lol.
  13. from my experience, it didnt, a couple of spots might have come up while i applied to my face but i dont think it was a result of the ACV. I now drink it though....