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  1. Yes....my battle continues as well. I've been using mandelic acid to dry up the bumps but my pores are huge and I have a red textured appearance especially on my t zone. I wont go out without at least some Bare Minerals on. Not sure what to do next either and the derms have dismissed me as usual.
  2. I've been using Dr. Cynthia Baileys calming zinc soap to wash my face for the past month or two. It has 2% pyrithione zinc antifungal. I cant use it on mg eyes though so wash off my eye makeup area only with cerave. To be honest the zinc soap hasnt improved my skin but I dont know what else to switch to because I don't want to make it worse! Do you recommend the tea tree mask? Luckily I'm in California so don't have to deal with the humidity but the heat still makes my face flare. Ughhhh
  3. Hi PF killer thanks for checking in. Keep my posted on the ketoconazole on your cheeks. I've been breaking out at my shoulder area so testing ciclopirox cream on that again. My face is getting HUGE pores everywhere that are inflamed and giving a very lumpy texture to my face. The area that would be a mustache if I were a guy and the area between my eyebrows is the worst. Been on my low dose doxycycline over a month with 0 improvement so I'm at a loss. Been using cereve hydrating cleanser and var
  4. Hey there, I have something similar as you and was diagnosed with pityrosporum folliculitis originally. Oral fluconazole and topical ketoconazole and ciclopirox showed minimal improvement and eventually what started on my chest and upper back moved up to my face. Redness, clogged pores, tiny red and skin colored bumps, stinging, itching and burning. Since the anti fungal did nothing for my face derms are now telling me I have Rosacea. I'm 38 and so I feel like that's the go to diagnose for any f
  5. Nicole_CA

    No Dairy Week 2

    I have the exact same tiny pustules and papules on my face and am in my late 30's. I can relate and feel every bit of frustration you've expressed and have spent over a year restricting sugars, gluten, dairy, gone paleo, taken supplements, vitamins, herbs, seen derms......and then say f it after no improvement and indulge in sugary treats myself! You're not alone and it definitely makes life harder but we cant give up....we deserve clear skin! Eventually it should be our turn to have a success s
  6. Mr. Brownstone let me know how it goes. I bought some lotrimin ultra but haven't tried it on my face yet. Did you ever use the ciclopirox cream?
  7. Hi PF killer. ....I thought you were using the ketoconazole cream on your face? I patch tested ciclopirox olamine antifungal cream on a couple papules on my jawline....they were gone within a few days of use. However my skin was so dry is almost looked like a chemical burn there which is now fading. I'm like you.....afraid to slather it all over my cheeks and mouth area but maybe a thin layer like every 3 days won't create a bad reaction and we can see how it goes. Had another derm appt today st
  8. Thanks for the description of your lesions pf killer. My bumps are uniform in that they are red or flesh colored headless papules with no head that range from pinpoint to 1-2 mm. They NEVER heel just dry and shrink then flare back up. They turn really red when I'm warm and I have SO many it does make me look like a red splotchy mess and i think that's the main reason docs keep saying Rosacea. It itches and burns and gets irritated by EVERYTHING. Back to the derm next week for yet another opinion
  9. Hey guys, I started low dose doxycycline today so we'll see. Mr. Brownstone ciclopirox olamine has worked great for me on my upper arms and under my chin. Its anti inflammatory and smoothed out areas with tiny red and white bumps. As usual...my face couldn't handle it but I think once my face settles down I'll try it like every other day. PF killer I tried the 2% ketoconazole cream back in November for a few weeks on my jawline and cheeks but didn't see much improvement. That sodium sulfactemide
  10. That's great something is working! My face has been too irritated to try much of anything at the moment. The Dr. is now suggesting 50mg doxycycline every 3 days to bring inflammation down. He basically said it would not have a microbial effect at a low dose but is antinflammatory. I'm honestly considering trying bc I'm getting desperate. I know antibiotics will make PF worse but I'm hoping if the dose is too low to kill bacteria it at the very least won't hurt to give it a go. What do you guys t
  11. Mr Brownstone what is the active ingredient in your Lamisil? I have Lotrimin Ultra I was going to give a try. I tried the sodium sulfactemide and sulfur lotion PF killer and after 4 days my face erupted in papules and clogged bumps, my skin also turned like red irritated snakeskin and is still peeling. I sent the Dr pics and she said it looked like an allergic reaction. I know it's not an allergic reaction bc I put it on the inside of my wrist too and that area didn't react. Only the area effec
  12. Mr. Brownstone sorry to hear the squalane didn't work well for you. I personally have tried elimimination diet....I went completely gluten, grains, dairy, and sugar free(except for fresh fruit) and drank on y water for 2 months with no improvement. I'e been gluten and dairy free still for 4 months and only drink water....still no improvement. So for me at least, I'm not sure it's diet related. I don't drink alcohol so can't comment on that. I too get the tiny palules and pustules around my mouth
  13. Hmmm thanks for the updates I may have to look into the masks and sulfur soap. My derm is insistent I go on Doxy and metrogel...she thinks my face is rosacea. I don' know what to think any more. My face is red, bumpy, irritated and I'm sooo tired of it. My social life is non existent these days and I'm always stressed about how my skin looks Weird that the itraconazole didn't do much for either of us.....
  14. Thanks for the update! Please let us know if the routine continues to work. Also Mr Brownstone I would love to hear how the itraconazole works for you. I tried it for 2 weeks without much success but wonder if maybe this stuff just needs a longer treatment period than 2 weeks.
  15. Thanks so much for the pics....super helpful to see. And you're right its definitely not just acne. Its obvious and yet derms dont get it. I've been trying Nizoral on my neck and it has helped a lot but my skin is getting red and irritated from dryness. Have you considered using it on your face and do you use any moisturizer?