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  1. i know this is an old post and all, but thought id just say you can buy pure australian emu oil from this site *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *
  2. Well my acne wasnt cystic or anything, i had black heads and white heads, i suppose u could say mild to moderate acne, but yeah just noticed these macrocomedones which btw there just litttle bumps in the skin tiny pimples under it, there blocked pores, but not open pores, and i just have a feeling dont no why that my acne may start to get worse, even though it hasnt happened yet. Dont wan to go to a dermatologist for it to b nothing casue i got to pay $120 just to c him. Maybe il just wait a bi
  3. Ive noticed macrocomedone coming back after taking accutane, ive been off it for 8 months and my skin was really good, however i only took 20 mg for 2 months and then a further 40 mg for 2 months, i dont no if i should go back to my dermatlogist and ask to b put back on it for a bit to clear these macrocomedones (which were the first thing to dissapear on accutance), u cant c them very well there tiny and under the skin, but my dermatlogist noticed these first thing when i went originally, dont
  4. Yes antibiotics are a bit crap arent they, but i mean will the increased testosterone, from a mass gain diet lead to me getting acne back after accutane got rid of it.
  5. Ive finsished accutane, it has completely cleared my skin, but i was just wondering if i go on a mass gaining diet whether the acne will come back or whether becasue accutane has worked the acne wont come back. Last time (and first time) i went on a mass gain diet last year i got acne back after it had completely gone on minocycline. However when i started the diet i got my acne back exactly like it was before the minocycline. I then stopped the mass diet and the acne didnt go beter, (ive read
  6. Ive been on accutane 4 months and my derm is taking me off it in 2 weeks, ive had great progress, basically im just wondering if my pores on the side of my nose and nose will go back to the size they used to be, i mean they werent big, but now after accutane there not really there anymore, they are tiny, will they enlarge or remain how they are at the moment. Thanks
  7. yeah but i mean i havent taken the cumulative dose, so wat are the chances of it coming back, and also if it does (hypothetically speakin lol) will it go away as easily if i resume the tane, or could it not be as effective
  8. just went to my derm and he told me that no products can clear red marks up quicker but u can hide them obviosly and he said that my red marks should be gone by easter so thats wat 4-5 months away. bloody hell that long, dam by the way my red marks did not get worse at all, but in fact got better by about month 2 1/2 - 3, although when i went to the gym casue of tane flushing sometimes it did look like my red marks had got alot worse, but after cooling down etc they were overall better
  9. im coming off accutane in a month and 10 days, because ive seen some very good results, the majority of my spots have gone, and most of my blackheads have gone 2, (only 1 or 2 blackheads on cheek and a couple more elsewhere. but ive only been on it 3 months, it'll be 4 when i finish and i was on a very low dose to. 1 month 20 mg 2 month 40 mg 3 month 40 mg 4 month 40 mg thats a total of 4200 mg for 4 months, but i weight about 68 kg (im 19 years old male) and wont have had anywhere near the f
  10. i dont think accutanes £150 a month or 2 months ive heard its expensive but no where near that expensive i thought it was roughly about £20-30 for 2 months supply but im not 100% sure. What about good moisturisers?
  11. Im going on roaccutane in a few days (im going private as it takes to long on nhs) im just wondering wheres the cheapest pharmacy in the uk to get it from e.g. boots, tesco etc. How much is it ruffly. And what are some good moisturisers fr the face as i cant find loads mentioned on this site as they arent sold in the uk.
  12. Just wondering because i have loads of bottles of flaxseed oil (linseed) and it contains 2,558 mg of alpha-linolenic acid per 5ml which is v.high in omega 3 right. Shall i start taking this or should i buy fish oil, which is way more expensive as the majority is in capsule form. per 5ml flaxseed = 4650 mg of which alpha linolenic acid = 2558mg linoleic acid = 691mg oleic acid = 983mg palmitic acid = 235mg stearic acid = 151 mg
  13. right and if i do just have acne would doxycycline work or would another one work bearing in mind minocyclin worked, what would be similar to minocycline