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  1. I took a week of 20mg once a day to re-introduce it to my system now will reduce to 20mg per week and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.
  2. As it was my second dose and my acne was more mild, the derm decided a longer term with a low dosage was the way to still get the same cumulative dose as one would achieve on a higher dose over 5-6 months. It was also was to reduce the side effects.
  3. I know there are a few topics dealing with this but after reading so many I am still left with questions. 2 weeks ago I finished my second course of Accutane. I was on a low dose of 20mg/day for 11 months. Total cumulative dose was 120mg/per kg. Side effects while on it were minimal - usual muscle aches, dry lips and eyes etc. Now, 2 weeks later, I feel a bit of oil coming back and have noticed a few small pimples and comedones appearing. Just wondering would I be able to commence 20mg
  4. The gel is less irritating than the cream. I have read that the cream is better absorbed however I have had better results with the gel. The .1 indicates the strength. You can get .1% and .3% strengths in each.
  5. Thanks everyone. It's great to hear such positive responses about DKR. I can't wait to get mine in the mail!
  6. I am currently using Proactive and having okay-ish results but feel my skin could be better. Just wondering what results has anyone had when making the switch to DKR products? I'm worried about breaking out. I hear everyone say that it gets worse before it gets better but because Proactive is 2.5% B.P. as is DKR I feel this stage may not apply? Also I experience redness and irritation from Proactive and hope DKR to reduce this.
  7. Hi, Just wondering what people think of ProActiv and other types of BP medications - are there long term side affects to be weary of? I have read a bit on BP suppressing the skin re-production therefore scars remain longer-any truth to this? I'm very interested in what people's thoughts are.
  8. Hi - a few questions! I am currently under control with ProActiv however have lingering scars and red marks mostly around jawline. Just wondering what results are seen with Glycolic Acid Peels on the red marks? Also what is the risk of breaking out with Glycolic Acid Peels? (the one recommended is a 20AHA + 12PHA solution). I want to weigh up the risk of breaking out and potentially creating new scars to deal with over the results of the GA peel. Lastly is there a better alternative. My scars