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  1. will vingar stop the collagen from growing ? from where u put the tca
  2. does it still continue to heal is it surposed to look deeper after it heals should you put somthing on after the scabs fall off?
  3. dude there always hope once u give up u fall into a shit hole
  4. should i put anything on after my cross ? or just let it heal on its on do doctors reccommend putting anyon on after the cross ? or they just tell you to let it heal over time ?
  5. ur not to use a qtip i think ur only surposed to use a toothpick i though u surposed to scab on the next day but its surposed to be on the 3rd day i didnt read anywhere that its the 3rd plus i dunt think u should use a qtip
  6. are u surposed to scab the next day? i applyed it but there is no scabbing at all i used a tooth pick the one for teeth are u surposed to use a different kind?
  7. reilly hi can u pm to where u order your tca ur pics seems like u used a legit one i dont wanna order a fake ones , i read all the tca post but i see about a few ways to order it , and seeing as how u have such great result i would like to use ur source on myself . thanks in advance
  8. yea i seen it thanks ourfans , i read all about it and i would go to a specialist but im on a tight budgets i know the risk of further scarin from this , but im just gonna do a small area first b4 i do my whole face , when i do get the product i wont even start doing it till i ask more questions about it ...... soo will some pleaseeeeeee tell me how to get the tca i tried emailing maya source in the old post but i they havent seem to email me back
  9. i wanna know where i can get tca so i can do spot icepick treatments i read all the post on it but i dont know where i can get the acid itself , i emailed the one maya previously had ordered from but they havent imed me back
  10. where can i order 100% tca? im in the usa
  11. where can i order tca 100% and what does tca complex mean ? and what did u used to apply the tca cross? with a toothpick ? how many weeks till u did ur second cross ? im thinking tca complex is ur whole face? if it is did u use 100% tca for ur whole face? oh yea do i have to apply pressure until i see a frosting color or do u just apply it and let it frost , im from usa can u tell me where i can order these products how long all together did it take b4 u got the results u did in the last pic