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  1. do you like the light treatment you're using?

  2. I couldves sworn I saw a bunch of threads about Lumiport Pens http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...ite=%2Blumiport
  3. hey, I had an ALA treatment, I just did my 2nd one today, I feel somewhat of an improvement(not much) but the they say that it takes 2-3 sometimes even 4 treatments to see results, well anyways how is yours going?

  4. If you use gel or any other hair products and you start sweating a LOT, then you should wash your face. That's what I've been told
  5. Are these stuff available for purchase online?
  6. Thanks for the reply :) I had my 2nd ALA w/ VBeam treatment done on Oct 4th (first one was Sept 7th) and I'm currently in the stages of peeling. Although I didn't notice any improvements from my 1st treamtment, my dermatologist assured me that I should start seeing improvements after my 2nd. So lets wait and see what happens ;D What's strange is that I had a conversation with the nurse during my 2nd treament about her thoughts on Doxicycline + Tetrinoid. She said it was good and all and seem
  7. Hello. Can you give us a update on your sisters ALA treatment? How many treatments did she go through and how are the results? thank you
  8. Well I am scheduled to go this Friday, it lasts for 1hour and 30 minutes and it is "activated" by the blue light.I'll post results as soon as I get them, which hopefully I will. so how did it go?
  9. I had my first ALA w/ Vbeam treatment done today and was wondering if anyone can verify the steps for this treatment.. 1. clean face with toner 2. apply Levulan 3. wait 1 hour 4. apply numbing gel 5. wait 30 minutes 6. gently scrape off the excess numbing gel 7. WASH off numbing gel + Levulan with a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil) 8. start vbeam on entire face, then use bluelight for 1 minute. My biggest question is.. was I supposed to wash off the numbing gel and levulan with a cleanser (step 7
  10. Thank you Ocali for the info Anyone else want to recommend another dermatologist?
  11. Hello all. I've been reading this forum for the past few weeks and would like to thank all of you who contributed to making this forum interesting to read With that said, I am planning on doing the PDL treatment next month but I don't know which dermatologist I should trust. So, can the guys/gals who had PDL treatment done with great success please post the location of the office and possibly a phone # too? Many thanks!