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  1. Really? My dermatologist actually reccomended that I take vitamin e while on accutane. She said that it would help with dryness, but she didn't mention other side effects. I take it every day with my accutane pills. My skin is almost 100% clear. I'm on 60 mg/day, and while my lips are really dry, my skin isn't nearly as dry as I thought it would be.
  2. Hmm... Well, I guess I'll just have to try it and see what happens. Thanks for the help.
  3. The good news is that the accutane is working, at least on my face. The bad news is that my upper arms are still pretty messed up, and I've got scars all over the place. I am going on a retreat for a few days. A bathing suit is unavoidable, and that's the part that I'm dreading. The excitement about the retreat is somewhat tainted by the worry over how I should keep everyone's attention off my upper arms. I hate it when I can't just enjoy certain things like everyone else. Take something
  4. No matter how many different shades of foundation I get, it seems like it never matches my skin tone well enough, so I think I want to try this Almay stuff. It starts out white, but matches your skin tone after you put it on. The only problem is that it's expensive (about $18 in a drugstore), and I'm 16 and without a job. I'm also pretty skeptical about it, but I've heard good things about Almay, so it might be worth a shot. I'd really like to know if it's worth it before I start spending a
  5. I started at 40 mg. Now I'm on my second month, and I've been put on 60 mg.
  6. I think somebody on this board - or maybe more than one person, I can't remember - said that warm water is better than hot water while on accutane because hot water will make the skin more dry. If you want to try cold water, that wouldn't hurt, either. I don't think that any one will make your skin cleaner than the others, though. Neither hot/warm or cold water is really bad for you. You'll probably just have to experiment to see which is best for your skin.
  7. In a perfect world, I would charge nothing. Just so I wouldn't go really far into dept, though, I would charge the absolute minimum that I had to. I could never profit from somebody else's suffering. Too many skin care companies have already done that to me.
  8. That's terrible! Dermatologists should not say things like that. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Don't let her ruin your day. This is easier said than done, but just ignore her and move on. I haven't seen your pictures, but if every other derm said that you don't have scars, then don't worry about it. Just work on finding a new dermatologist.
  9. The mentality is that they have clear skin and you don't, so obviously they're doing something right and you're not. So they think that they'll do you a favor and tell you what they're doing right so you can try it too. They're trying to be nice in their own little way, I guess.
  10. I hate when that happens. I'll be enjoying a movie or something, not thinking about my skin at all. Then, I'll suddenly start thinking, "she has really good skin", which makes me depressed and distracted from whatever it was I was watching.
  11. I'm a vegatarian. I have been since I was really little. I have no problem at all with people who eat meat. I just never liked it for some strange reason. I get my protein from nuts/seeds and the occasional protein shake.
  12. I'm using Amnesteem. Seems to be working just fine. It's all the same thing with different names and prices.
  13. Tell the derm that he/she is seeing your skin on a good day, and then tell him/her what it usually looks like. Also say that you're on another regimen that will likely clear you up a little before going downhill, just like everything else you've tried, and that you would like to be completely clear this time.