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  1. well i cant find the aha dat dan uses at stores but i found this one at walgrens n was wonderin if i cud use it and have same results or if u kno wat store sells it please tell me n no im not buyin it online im a g
  2. look man wat i suggest is go to randalls and buy one of those gift card visas i bought one the other day it was like a 25 dollar one to buy stuff online just do that n ur parents wont know im a gangsta
  3. i think u shud make a 16 oz bp bottle with a pump
  4. i jus called em n let em kno wat time it wuz cuz i was like u better watch wat u doin online fo u get killed i sayd u get slugs to da dome wen u b fuccin up my zone so yuh i got a 357 magnum fo em if he wanna says umtin but yuh i jus wanna say dan u my homeboy feel me so yuh i got yo bacc cuz
  5. thanks for replying brandy and the complimnt i hate wen ppl look at my posts n dont respond
  6. well for yall dat remember me i had really irritated moderate- severe looking acne about 3 months ago from 13-14 i had pretty bad acne then it was like moderate then wen i turned 15 into the begging of my freshmen year it was pretty severe then it kinda calmed down but i still had moderate acne n it was nasty lookin around the last week of may i came across this site and was like well im not on a regimen now i might give this one a try so i started it in june now about 3 months later look how im
  7. well i use to have kinda severe acne and i started going to this asian lady at this place called new skin and she wud use this hot needle dat spun and wud insert it in each pimple n yes i would suffer alot it hurt tons but then after she had popped all the spots she would put this serum or sumtin in a dark little bottle and it would eliminate the spot it wud burn tons but completely kill the acne in a matter of minutes so i was wondering if any on yall might know what this product is please help
  8. Checc it Out mayne i started wit bout moderate to severe for those of yall dat saw my be4 pics n kno how i looked plz comment i got about 5 active spots n da pinkish lookin stuff is bye bye blemish n i jus got bac from da beach so yeah i got a lil sunburned http://i9.tinypic.com/4q7ihsm.jpg http://i11.tinypic.com/6bn7jpj.jpg http://i18.tinypic.com/6btm41v.jpg http://i17.tinypic.com/4v66iwy.jpg http://i18.tinypic.com/4q3ecn8.jpg
  9. one thing i noticed about tha regimen is be4 i had really bad oily irritated skin with little pimples it looked horrible and then now i just get kinda big pimples but alot less of em like im on my 9th week n my left side of face is clear i jus got sum pimples on my right side of face id say about 5 active spots but hang in there my face got better wen i started then got worse n made me wanna quit but now its alot better n im on my way to being clear i think so just hang in there bro u can do i
  10. well i placed a order for bp as usual like 3 days be4 i run out which is normal becuz it usually takes 3 days to get here but this time i ordered 3 tubes instead of 2 n its been takin longer today is the 3rd day n hasnt gotten here n ive been off of bp for 1 day so i hope nuttin too bad comes up..
  11. well wen i was around 12 i noticed to get a lil irritation under my eyes n well soon enough by 13 i had full blown acne... at 13-14 i was trying derm stuff such as tazorac n doxycline n well nothin seem to work enough.. by the ending of being 14 my acne was prolly around moderate to severe. now im 15 currently n have about 3-5 active spots ive been on dkr for about 9 weeks n went from moderate to right now pretty mild i guess im actually feeling alot more confident and such and well thanks dan i