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  1. im thinking of getting cetaphil gentle face wash then maybe i will use a moisturizer from cetaphil also but i don't know which one to get, this have this one that comes in a jar like container, then theres this one thats says cetaphil lotion, then theres another one that says cetaphil face mositurizer 15 spf. i would use the 15spf one but thats only if im going out, which one do i use like after a shower? would anybody suggest another product which is even better?
  2. did anybody ever tried the proactiv skin lightening lotion ? while on accutane ? is it effective?
  3. i have a few of these red small dots on my nose, after this hard small white looking piece of bump falls off it leaves a little small red indent of that whitehead looking thing, its looks like a dried out, hard pimple, but im not even sure what it is. well the little red holes look like they are scars? will they go away ? does anybody know what im talking about?
  4. im 1 month into my course and i know its not gonna turn all red and dry
  5. ok everybody telling me not to use proactiv, but my skin is not even dry, the oil went away, and my skin isnt that dry so i think its ok to use proactiv ? im 160 lbs and im only on 20mg of accutane per day, so the side effects arent even apparent except for no oil and just a little dry lips, which i dont even need to use chap stick. so if it ok to use proactiv? since i have a few pimples but they aint going away and i think proactiv will help, especially the toner on red spots
  6. i had a few acne on my upper arm and they went away, now im on accutane the spots where i've had the acne are dry and looks flakey. why is this so ?
  7. i got whiteheads and these pimples around my jawline like 3 or 4 small ones with white crap on top. im on 20mg of accutane per day and my side effects isnt really much barely chap lips and no oil. i dont even use a face wash, i just wash my face with water. i wanna know if i should pop these white little buggers or use a face wash with exfoliation? since my side effects isnt even that bad?
  8. so im on 20mg of tan a day, do you think 3 months is enough ?
  9. i use the chapsticks u get for like 1 dollar at the store. im on 20mgs first week in and lips arent THAT dry, mabe its the chapstick or the full effects havent kicked in yet
  10. feeeling cold while on accutane or mabe its just the weather in nyc, 1 week into 20mg of chipla isotretinoin. dry lips , oil production almost non existent, headaches, no lb yet, i dont think i would get a lb since my acne is caused by oil i think and now theres no oil so its all good rite? am i suppose to feel cold?
  11. i wanna find out about this also... im been accutane a week and i still use my proactiv. i dont really feel the accutane kicking in yet since its only 20 mgs a day. mabe i should stop using proactiv
  12. well i just started my 20mg of accutane per day. i take it after dinner, but i have a few questions like, do i take it right away after my meal ? and when i have a meal do i have to eat alot ? when i eat, if i eat things thats non meat is that ok ?
  13. alrite so i didnt start my 20mg of accutane yet. im scared its gonna make my skin worst. my acne aint really that bad i barely got any acne except the ones that come and go mabe 4 small ones, but i get alot em on my back like 2 of em per week and they hurt. so if it makes my skin worst, i can just stop using it and my skin will go back to normal ?
  14. i dun get it. did u say u had better skin with salads ? and when u ate meat u broke out ?