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  1. Yeah, I was reading around and thats what I seemed to see too... Thanks alot!!!!!
  2. Hi. I am starting accutane in a little less than a month and was reading about the possible hair loss it may cause .....And I was wondering if it happens more to males (expecially with MPB in their families) or females as well? What has been your experiences with this (Both males and females)???
  3. Hey. Thanks, I think I will switch over to a non medicated face wash! I live in the US. What about you?
  4. No one in my family, or any of my friends really comment about my acne, but alot of little kids do. Not like they are trying to be mean, but they just dont know what it is? Like, when I babysit, they are like, "Whats on your face" and sometimes they ask if it is bug bites or boo-boos. idk. its actually kind of cute. But god, I would DIE if my family commented about it like that.
  5. Hey guys. I started using Retin-A maybe a month and a half ago, but I was wondering what type of face wash or soap would be the best to use with it? Thanks.