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  1. Nice improvement. It is good to see people who don't feel Accutane ruined their lives. I don't want to discount others' experiences, but balance like this is good. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I know mine is definitely not from working out, but that doesn't mean yours isn't.
  3. I'm not a girl, but I've noticed the same thing. Except my face isn't clear yet. I'm only on 10 mg so far though.
  4. It can cause flushing, so it was kind of low-hanging fruit. Sorry.
  5. You're not possibly taking niacin, are you?
  6. Is there another dermatologist you can consult for a second opinion on things? I think that would be my course of action. You may not get any different answers, but finding someone you trust is key & it sounds like you might not have great confidence in this one.
  7. Pure lanolin doesn't have cetaphil in it. It is basically sheep sweat/wax. I can't imagine putting it anywhere other than lips (or nipples if you're breastfeeding), but I haven't gotten super-dry yet. I've never used cetaphil, so I can't say anything about it. Or were you saying that cetaphil contains lanolin? When I see the derm next (11 June), I'll ask if she has any strong feelings on lanolin for my lips. I'm noticing what may be an IB on my back. It isn't what I expected. Just many ve
  8. I already apply lip balm all the time. I've increased the frequency during the day. For a few years, I've used pure lanolin at night. I love the stuff & may start using it some during the day, too. So far, it seems like my face isn't any less oily. Yet.
  9. I hope I don't have a severe breakout, but I'll post if anything unusual happens. Today was day 3. I was itchy today & I swear my lips were dryer than usual. But this is so early in the course of treatment & I'm only taking 10mg, so I sort of suspect that's just coincidence or psychosomatic.
  10. how is it going So far, so good. I'm starting at just 10mg. After 14 days, I'm going to be on 10 one day & 20 the next for 14 days & then 20mg/day. Right around then is when I'll see the dermatologist again & we'll evaluate dosage. I'm hoping to avoid an IB (as much as possible) and lessen lease into side effects. At the moment, my acne isn't severe. I don't tend to get severe, but my bad times are bad for me, and I'm in my 30s, an it is persistent. I'm going to miss the su
  11. I'm of a similar age & making the accutane decision now. I used to be so gung ho about it, but none of the derms I saw in the US would prescribe it. I live in Mexico now, and here, except opioids, you can easily obtain just about any medication you want. And now that it is more readily available, I am worrying about side effects. Anyway, please continue to update. I'm curious about other non-teens-and-twenties' experiences.