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  1. Hi All I finally get it no chemical peel or lasers can fix enlarged nose pores. I did all the extreme things to control or improve my large nose pores and scars. I had done more than 10 sessions of co2 with erbium which improved the scars and texture by 25%, atropic scars still there. These pores are crazy they are simply stubborn. They have affected my self esteem big time and have been a recluse for a while now. I don’t wish this to happen to anyone. Anybody who successfully cured enlarged p
  2. TCA 80% is dangerous. I have slightly further damaged my nose. I am convinced that chemical peels serve no purpose in getting rid of scars - don't fall for these scams. I had done dual fraxel laser 2 weeks ago ( every 2 months) and scheduled to also do dermabrasion sessions biweekly and laser genesis every 3/4 weeks. Dermatologist prescribed lamelle post barrier peel for the first 7 days, retin a correctives daily (am & pm, Obagi blend fx alternately (am & pm) and heliocare spf 50 (am).
  3. Hi I had applied 80% TCA peel on the nose about 5 days ago. It frosted the skin immediately for about 1 hour with a greyish/brown color. The next day the skin turned darker, I panicked and removed the layer prematurely on day 3. The skin layer below was terribly red but what I don't understand is that the 8 huge pores like O holes are gone. Is this temporary?