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  1. Does anyone use moisturizer and foundation primer with mineral make-up? Right now I'm using BE skin rev-er upper and cetaphil moisturizer under BE. I've been wanting to try BE's primer but I think it might be too much with rev-er upper and moisturizer. Also I might be switching to EM make-up.
  2. I just bought a sample kit from everyday minerals. I'm so excited!! I can't wait until it gets here!!
  3. I'm using bare minerals right now and it's okay but I want to try everyday minerals.
  4. Do you wash your eyeshadow brushes too??
  5. sorry i just scrolled down and saw someone else already asked this!
  6. Is everyday minerals better than bare escentuals? I'm almost out of my bare escentuals and I'm thinking about trying everyday minerals. Bare escentuals seems to make my face look shiny, does everyday minerals?
  7. It makes me really angry when my friends and people at school freak out when they have one zit on there otherwise perfect skin. It really makes me feel like crap because they talk about how gross it looks but my entire face looks like that!! I would kill to have only one tiny little zit! Sorry I just really needed to vent about that. lol
  8. which moisturizer is better cerave , cetaphil, or eucerin??
  9. I'm going to the store this week to stock up on stuff for when I go on accutane. I was wondering which lotions, moisturizers, chapsticks, face wash, body wash, etc. are good. Thanks!
  10. Does accutane get rid of blackheads and large pores or just pimples?? If so do they come back after accutane??
  11. I was wondering if I should keep the same regimen when I go on accutane. Right now I use neutrogena oil free face wash morning and night, bp at night, cetaphil moisturizer in the morning, clay mask twice a week, and thinking about using aloe vera and baby brush. Will this be too harsh for my skin once I go on accutane?
  12. Thanks for the info!! I might go this weekend!
  13. Can I get a spray tan with acne or will it just make it look worse? I have a dance coming up and all of my friends are going to the tanning bed. Since I can't because I would burn with the medicine I'm on I want to get a spray tan. But if it will make me break out worse or make my acne look worse I'd rather be pale.
  14. I have a problem. I'm using tazorac for my acne but it dries my face out really bad so i have to use a moisturizer twice a day. Since I've been moisturizing so much my face is really oily but if I don't use a moisturizer my face peels and makes it impossible to put make-up on. Can anyone help me?