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  1. You shouldn't drink coke or coffee or any drink that contains caffene. I quit coffee 2 years ago and witnessed a great deal of my active spots decreased. Also - don't expect fascinating and dramatic results with DKR if you used it only for 2 weeks. Give it a month-two.
  2. Do not forget to moisturize properly. You can even apply a repair cream at night to rebuild your already irritated skin by the Retin-A. If you produce too much sebum you should try taking supplements. Well, you should try them anyways. Start taking fish oil, vitamins (A,C,E), and zink. I'm 99.99% sure they will help you greatly.
  3. Day 19 : Okay this is more than strange. My skin should be lookin like garbage right now, because I smoked pot and cigarettes yesterday. I haven't smoked since then, but my skin now is looking absolutely great. I haven't been this clear in an year perhaps.
  4. From another reply from you - "my face isn't dry" I'm sorry I ever spared the time to help you out.
  5. Edit : Nevermind. Do as you please. Some people do not deserve help.
  6. Good, good. Except the part with 'the more you dry your face - the more oil it produces' There is no such thing. It's a myth. You just dry it and irritate it.
  7. Day 18 : Skin looks ... not so bad. It's not clear at all, but rather all zits are slightly visible. Anyway It's the most clear I've been in months. But ... today I smoked. I had to ... it was a promise I made a long time ago. And I smoked weed too. But no more. This was the last time. I promise BTW it was absolutely horrible.
  8. What's with the avatar-stealing ? You and Azrael have the same one. And a guy saw my avatar and stole it too. I forgot his nickname tho
  9. Artist - Album : Emperor - in the nightside eclipse Borgir - Enthroned darkness triumphant Summoning - Stronghold I hate cheerful songs ...
  10. I am almost certain that you do not have rosacea. You just have redness from acne treating products. If your face is that dry, discontinue usage of drying topicals and apply good moisturizers and some oil perhaps. And exfoliate with a baby hair brush to remove flakeness.
  11. Well ... no. It will burn them anyway, so do not do it. As for the differin - make sure you use it long enough and don't expect immediate results. What kind of antibiotics ? If it's minocycline be careful if you're allergic you might get rashes
  12. Hormones I'd say. It's just normal. Proactive may be irritating for YOUR acne, but it does wonders with others. Try DKR regimen and exfoliate with a baby hair brush. Please read through the whole forum to get info on supplements and over-the-counter products. I'm really tired of saying the same things over and over again. I'm not telling you to grow out of it, because it's silly. I know the feeling of not wanting to lose 3-4 years of your life while waiting to grow out of acne.
  13. Well ACV burns fats. Fish oil is Omega-3 EPA&DHA acids which are fats. Therefore ACV will burn them. Green tea and fish oil also have negative effect. I think it's related to metabolism. I really don't remember why, but only a week ago I PMed Romeo and he told me that he witnessed a decrease in fish oil effect while taking it with green tea. There's a thread about this too. And as I already said - Green tea and ACV might not have any problems. They both will contribute to metabolism so you