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  1. I tried coconut oil as a moisturiser today in the morning and didn't wash it off, now late afternoon my face is burning a lot. Feels like i have a bad sunburn on my face. Is this from the coconut oil and does this mean I should stop?
  2. I've wanted to try the caveman regimen with no water but I exercise and sweat a lot and I ride a bike so I get dust on sometimes. Is the sweat bad for my acne? And my water has a bit of chlorine so can I wash with bottled water if I have to?
  3. I'm not measuring the ratio but i put a little bit of acv and then just put water until the yellow almost disappears
  4. I started using acv as a toner yesterday and didn't wash it off, the next day my face was redder and it broke out (my forehead usually doesn't have anything but okay it was red and had pimples). Is my body just rejecting acv or is this normal and I should keep going? (I am diluting the acv). And should I try drinking it or is it bacically the same?