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  1. My acne was the worst when I was 14 and I broke out like wildfire, due to me having very poor hygiene. I'm 21 now and it's loads better, but I still grow pimples and the funny thing is, there's a pattern. When I started having acne at 13, it was all whiteheads on my forehead. They didn't bother me and after they cleared up, I've rarely had acne on my forehead. When I was 14, I broke out left and right on my cheeks, chest and back. It was moderate acne and I regularly picked on them, leaving ice
  2. I had a large nodule on the center of my chest in the past. I can't remember its development but eventually it formed a hard, isolated lump that looked like a grain of rice stuffed directly under my skin. The surrounding skin was red but the lump itself was skin color. Initially I thought it was keloid, but over the years there was no growth, so I believe it was a hypertrophic scar. My dermatologist injected steroid back in September and in a few days it was reduced to something akin to PIH. F
  3. Sauna opens your pores, leaving it vulnerable to p. acne infection and the temperature increases stress hormone cortisol due to hyperthermic stress on the body. You can substitute the cleansing effect by scrubbing weekly and applying soap twice or more on the face when showering. Always shower with cold water, and change your pillow often.
  4. My derm injected steroid into the scar and it's fully flat after 2 treatments. It now looks like PIH and I wonder if it'll heal like a PIH.
  5. Does sleeping late cause acne? - I'm a night owl. I get 7-8 hours of sleep regularly, but from 3am to 11pm. - I have lunch at 4pm, dinner at 10pm regularly. No breakfast.
  6. It's like scratching an itch. It's a natural instinct, though your brain says otherwise. I have a hard, crimson bump on my chest that resists all sort of picking. Not even needles can squeeze the pus out. It's driving me mad.
  7. As you can see, I obviously don't have the greatest skin around. However, it used to be much worse a few years back when I was in high school. Literally every part of my face (but the forehead) was crusted with acne.. man, way to screw a good life. I live in the tropics, which is horrible for acne-sufferers. I've attached some pics to let myself be judged in the eyes of others. I know that you are your worst critic, but I know my skin is poor. What do you consider the severity of my acne? Scre
  8. VBeam works, though that spot will be deep purple for 1-2 weeks.
  9. I'm wondering what kind of environment should be avoided so that I can take better care of my skin. I have a slightly oily skin and I live near the equator. How do you guys think these factors affect the skin? Do they contribute to acne growth? 1) Temperature Is it wise to stay in a cold temperature (air-conditioned) or warm/hot temperature (outside)? How about water temperature when showering? I consider the water to be hot enough if the bathroom mirror is steamed after I shower and that's the
  10. All girls I've been too close with for awhile always start to avoid me at some point. They have always been nice and friendly to me (I'm quite unabashed about my acne, so maybe it's my personality), but at some point they will stop talking to me, avoid me, keep a distance, etc. This has happened 4 times, and I don't know the reasons since thanks to their avoidance, I've stopped being in good enough terms to talk them into telling me why. I'm guessing it's my acne though (icepick scars all over
  11. Sleeping is when regeneration, growth and maintenance of body cells take place. You grow taller in you sleep. You gain muscle mass in your sleep. So your skin is repaired in you sleep. Having a good sleeping habit means your body regenerates more effectively. The duration of sleep should maximize the amount of REM stages, which is about 8 hours for teens.
  12. Basically, I've always showered with hot (but not too hot) water. Logically, heat will open my pores up so that acne cleansers can work more effectively. However, people around me tell me that cold shower is the way to go. Though they can't give any reasoning, showering with cold water doesn't seem to irritate the skin like hot water does. What do you guys think?