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  1. getting a beard solved it for me... sorry I've your a girl
  2. I took 10 pils of 50mg 'gluco' Zinc every day for a mounth. nothing wrong happened. now I'm down to 4 pills of 50mg Zinc 2 pills multi mineral and 1 vitamin C. it has cured my cystic acne but not my oily skin... washing with cold water has cured that for me. peeple are trying to scare you or someting. above 2000mg is toxic. some peeple say they get stomac cramps above 100mg I never had that problem.
  3. got those too, see them as warrior scars but now I'm afraid to keep training, that sucks moast...
  4. too bad my girlfriend isn't that understanding...
  5. hormones can't be the reason, but the zinc loss will losing 5mg zinc with every jerk.
  6. well I don't mind havind a kid on a later age like when I'm 30. then when he will get acne onhis 14th (and he will) we would life in 2023 THERE MUST BE A CURE THEN!!!
  7. sorry have the cystic thingy. but scrubbing with SA helps to clear away the whiteheads in a fast period. cold showers seem to make the flaring go down asswell.
  8. I use 3 different forms: gluconaat picolaat amino (I think its oxigen based) gluco is what body builders take to get rid of acne. pico is the strongest form. I take the amount of 120mg Zinc a day based on "the gluconaat diagram" 50mg zinc a day is not enought, masturbation takes up 5mg zinc. and the hair and skin take up to 20mg a day for optimum performance. BUT, Zinc is needed to regulate hormones and proteins-acids/fats-acids ass well! but I should not take the 120 all at the same time,
  9. I got these time released capsules of 1500mg and I'm taking 4 a day. I called up the office and they said I should take it after meals and not to early before going to bed. anyway, Ive read a book about acne and vitamin C and searched some websites claiming. vitamin C is the moast important vitamin some peeple can't life with the normal intakes of 2 pieces of fruits a day. 100 pieces of fruit will have to be needed to: 1- give you the boost of C you need 2- to get rid of the other crap you t
  10. yes I normaly use it it scars, it "does" help but the acne itselfs seems to better go away with the normal treatments like BP.