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  1. UPDATE DAY 9 Just a quick update that from day 3 onwards I cut a lot of stuff from my regimen... I basically thought adding too many things was overkill for my skin.. last time I cleared up using ONLY retinA and Minocycline without worrying about other things (as I didnt know about them) so im applying that here. From day 4 onwards it has been: Morning: - When shaving (every 4 days because I dont need to be clean shaven), thats all I do, just wash my face with water and shave and then apply ni
  2. DAY 3 Pics are up in the gallery I keep updating every day at the moment as I keep changing my regimen. Today I bought some Natures Way 1000mg fish oil capsules so I am going to start that from tonight onwards as well as some supposedly good moisturiser. New routine, I am going to cut some of the stuff I was using.. kind of like less is more. Of course the Minocycline and Retin-A are the basic stuff that I will use every day. MORNING: Minocycline tablet 50mg Fish oil capsule Neutrogena exfo
  3. Hi all, I have got some SunSense low irritant cream which is supposedly free of chemical absorbers. It does have Microfine titanium dioxide 8.5% and Diazolidinylurea and hydroxybenzoates. For some reason I don't trust it won't irritate my skin after reading the many threads of the hit and miss nature of sunscreen but so far it didnt do anything today. So after the 4 hours when your sunscreen is no longer working properly and your not going outside again do you wash your face to get rid of the
  4. DAY 2 My skin is much nicer today, I think the combo of shaving after a few days + exfoliator + aloe really helped and its nice and smooth + soft which is good as it has been dry and flakey the last few days (didn't do retin A last night only aloe!). I think that my regime has finally started to take form: Morning: shower and then exfoliate acne wash aloe Min tablet apply susncreen if going outside (If im shaving then ONLY aloe and Min tablet) Evening: Min Tablet wash face with warm water R
  5. Thanks I haven't managed to be negative yet, though I do focus on it more as im buidling up a good regimen and I want it to go asap. Otherwise I dont really think about it too much even when going out Good luck with your own treatment too
  6. turning 21 soon, hopefully it clears up a bit before my B-day in August
  7. thanks for the replies. It actually looks better now than when i took the photos but yeah thats what it looks like. Would it be bad enough to get accutane? I am not sure I WANT to take it, I am clearing up with the Min and retin-a combo but i dunno, its the second time i have to use them.
  8. Sweet thanks, It looks like all the major brands are good. I will be checking them out tomorrow
  9. Hi all, I finally got around to shaving so I can now take some pics These were taken not long after shaving so my skin might still be a little raw in the photos and the lighting isnt that great but its not easy taking skin photos. But anyway how bad is it now? I am on Minocycline and Retin-A (I have a log in antibitoics part) almost a month with the pair. I am going to see my derm for the first time in ages on the 18th July so if accutane is an option I can get it then.
  10. Hey all, hoping to add fish oil to my daily regimen but I am not sure which brands are good? I know that they have reccomended some brands on this site for the US but which ones in Australia are the best? Cheers
  11. DAY 1 I decided this can be the official day one, even though I am really 24 days into my first packet of Minocycline. It is much better than before I started thats for sure. I was actually using Retin-A again about a week before the Min so I am about a month into that. This combo rocked especially for my cheeks and chin, and improved my forehead but its still not that good yet (though it was the worst area). I think my forehead broke out a little but otherwise it actually diminished existing a
  12. Here is my facewash the Clean and Clear one. I am using neutrogena deep clean scrub as my exfoliator until I have time to get something better! Things to buy: - Acne specific suncsreen, I dont have to go outside much but it should still help - Clean and clear moisturiser - should help with the dry skin - I am planning on getting some fish oil ASAP.. not sure which ones are good in Australia, I have some research to do