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  1. much like everyone else, i was always intrigued by your user name

  2. Mabe its becuz you sweat when you workout, which leads to breakouts.
  3. What would you do if you found out she had a huge penis? Would you still date her? Of course I wouldn't date her if she had a huge penis no matter how. I'm attracted to girls, not bloody hermaphrodites or shemales or whatever, lol. What would you do like if you found out some amazing lass had a huge cock?
  4. I can definately relate to how you feel. People say everyone gets acne at one time or another. But when I look around my school, it seems like everyone has clear skin except for me.
  5. So does it cause acne only in guys or in girls too? Cuz I do it a few times day.
  6. Hey, I believe Bob went on Vacation. But he should be back soon if not already.
  7. I just recieved a new bottle of Bezoil, but it smells a little weird. It's also a bit more watery. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.
  8. The KQC X-Heat is the best flat iron out so far. Check out this site: www.VancouverBeautySupply.com
  9. hm what a lovely name lol

  10. Thanks for replying! But unfortunately I have tried alot of moisturizers and they all seem to clog my pores up like crazy. Also, almost all the ones I tried leaves my skin either red or burning and itchy. With the exception of the Proactiv moisturizer(which doesnt even moisturize). But yea, I've heard its really bad to use topical steroids on the face but its my last resort. If I don't use anything, Dan's BP burns my skin too much and it goes red too. But thanks for your help tho.
  11. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone uses Celestoderm as a Facial moisturizer. And is it alrite to use on the regimen after Dan's Bp gel? I've used it a few times before when I have irritation or excessive dyness on my face and it works like a charm. It's a topical Corticosteroid so I'm not sure if its good or not. Anyways, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!