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  1. Two weeks later, I'm still pretty tan. I can get tan to begin with. My question is, how long will this last? Will this go away when I get another fraxel done?
  2. hey lala, i think i actually answered some of your questions. anyways, hey, dont be afraid. honestly, dont. i was kinda scared and nervous before my first fraxel, and was wondering if i should go through it ( i have medical procedures in general ) but dont worry. fraxel wont do harm to your face. i know there are risks, but honestly, its around 1 / 1000. just think about it, if u dont go through this, u'll keep nagging your self for something to be done.
  3. I heard it takes time, but how much time does it really take? I'm 2 weeks past my first fraxel, and I'm back to where I was before.
  4. It was Dr. Birdsong near Moraga. (35 minute drive from South San Francisco) I was treating acne scars. He's really good, inexpensive too. (Probably the most cost friendly place in the Bay Area) Graduated UCSF for med school, so you know he knows his stuff. www.aspenmedspa.com
  5. Hey SF Boy, I'm actually in your position, and live in the Bay Area too. I recently did Fraxel 2 with a great doctor in the East Bay. I'm asian, with dark skin, and everything worked out perfectly. Ask if you have anymore questions.
  6. Dan, I used to live in Modesto actually. My recommendation for Dr. Birdsong is firsthand, as I recently had a Fraxel 2 job done by him. Bottom line: I've been reading about what the doctor can do to better the procedure, and Dr. Birdsong did everything. (Multiple passes, spot treatment in problem areas) He also has really good prices, $2400 for three sessions. FYI, he is from UCSF, one of the best medical schools in the world. If you have any ?'s, just ask. Also, this is his website: www.asp
  7. I think the best post fraxel regimen is something that doesn't involve placing many things on one's face.
  8. OP, you do know that Fraxel somewhat does work like needling.
  9. Hey, you should help a poor college student out and just send me the cash. The results will be the same for your acne scars.
  10. I had one or two boxcar scars, a few ice picks, and a lot of shallow indentations. Almost everything were on my cheeks, but I did have some close to my forehead/temple region. As of right now, the only thing I see left is the one really deep boxcar scar. Dr. Birdsong took pictures of me before, I'll ask to get them so I can post the results!
  11. California is pretty big... what part do you live in? If you live near San Francisco at all, I recommend Dr. Birdsong. www.aspenmedspa.com
  12. I'm studying for a chemistry test, so I'll try to keep my replies short while still being as helpful as possible. -Procedure did hurt. Could you tough it out? Yes. -Am I scared to go back in? No, not at all. Especially knowing that I'll be getting pain meds this time, I'm not scared at all. -Did I have horrible acne scarring before? Yes and no. I have a couple marks that WERE deep. I also had a lot of shallow scaring. 2 days post treatment, all the swelling has subsided (I know there is such
  13. I naturally have oily skin, and I always used to just throw water at my face to freshen up. I also found that it helps prevent acne. Anyways, is it okay to continue this habit?