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  1. I did the Total FX laser about five months ago, which I think is kinda the same thing as Active FX. Anyways.... I found the satisfying. However, I must say, you won't get "perfect" skin from the procedure. But I'm sure you weren't expecting that. The texture of my skin improved about 50%. The pore size on my nose reduced. The only thing I was let down on were the acne scars. The procedure helped the scars a little... maybe 25% better. But the scars are still there and still bother me. I have
  2. Thanks for the replies. I think I probably will start Accutane on a low dose and see what happens. I don't live alone and will have a counselor, psych and, of course, my derm waiting in the wings in case things turn bad. But hopefully they won't. I could get my skin relatively clear with antibiotics and some kind of topical, but that never lasts. The acne always comes back afterwards or you grow immune to it. Just last night I went out and was so self-conscious over a breakout. I'm tired of fee
  3. Ok. I'm a 25 yo female and I'm considering starting Accutane next month. Only thing, the reported "psychosis" side effects scare the crap out of me. And I want to know if anyone on this site experienced psychosis side effects while on this drug. I went to a psychiatrist today and he said I would be more prone to this because I suffered from depression five years ago. Has anyone on this site dealt with clinical depression, overcame it, but then went on Accutane years later? Did your depression
  4. hmmm... thanks for the replies. Maybe I'm just sensitive to mineral makeup. I'll stop using it for a couple days and see what happens. Thanks!!
  5. I'm just wondering because I ordered a sample kit and I've been using it for the past few days and I've been breaking out. I've been breaking out a little more than usually lately, so it might not even be the makeup. (Also, I don't like those little sample pots.... I feel like I can't mix and buff well because those lids are so small. So, maybe it'll be a little different once I get the regular stuff.) I just wanted to see if anyone else had an experience like this. Or if it is really unlikel
  6. Just received my sample kit from EMC. I ordered Medium Beige (too orange), Whipped Butter (pretty good match) and Light Olive (maybe a little too yellow?). Think I will try Light Neutral next. BUT, I used the makeup all weekend and had a pretty bad breakout come Monday. Now, I scared to use EMC. Could it be from that?? I'm a little weary of mineral makeup ever since Bare Essentials wreaked my skin two years ago. Also, what moisturizer do you guys recommend with EMC? I'm using Complex 15 right
  7. I've been told good guys do exist. But, we shall see......
  8. I've been doing the regimen for a few days now, no marked improvement, but no break outs either. A couple questions though: Why is it so important to measure the oils exactly? Why can't I use one of those spoons that approximately measure to be 1 tsp? And where do you store your cod liver oil, in the fridge? On the bottle it just says "store in a cool, dark place." thnx.
  9. full and soft is my favorite!!!! Best drugstore mascara bar none!
  10. I've been using MAMA lotion for about a month now and have yet to see the amazing results attributed to this product. First, it made my skin super dry, but I was ready for that. Then, it gave me about 5-6 huge cysts that stayed around for weeks... actually I still have two of them. And these cysts even gave me some new scars. Now, my skin is a little clearer, still flaky-dry and still have a couple cysts. But, the reddish/brown scars I had before are still there. Does this get better at all?
  11. TOP dermatologists in the country say it's a waste of money. I know this because I work in journalism and I recently interviewed such docs. Of course, a derm might tell you "oh, it works, try it." But then remember that this doc probably paid a hefty price for the laser and needs to pay HIS bills somehow!
  12. Hi, I'm interested in trying Everday Minerals, but I'm a little scared because I used Bare Minerals last year and it totally wrecked my skin!! Did anyone experience bad results with BM and then used EDM and there skin was OK or even better? What's the difference between BM and EDM?? Thanks guys!!
  13. Ok, calm down (although I know it's upsetting), but considering your age and where you're breaking out, it sounds like it's purely the hormonal/teenage kind of acne... which is not that bad and totally controllable. Have you been to a dermatologist? He might be able to put you on some mild prescriptions or a mild topical, like Duac. Also, are you doing Dan's regimen? If not, start right there and do it to a tee. Should help. As far as makeup, I understand what you're saying about Clinique. H
  14. Hey, Does anyone have any good tips for getting rid of puffiness from underneath the eyes?? Thanks!!
  15. I feel ya on feeling down about your appearance/skin, Berg10. I'm 24 and have been dealing with acne since I was 12. And it's hard being a girl and never really feeling pretty. And now even though my skin isn't as bad as it used to be, I have to deal with the scars, which are bad and I know very noticeable. I never see girls with skin like mine, which makes me feel like kind of freak. And I do wonder if guys find me attractive regardless of my skin. But, all that aside, keep your head up ab