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  1. hmm interesting... the link that turbosquad mentioned has zinc supplements listed and marked as being known to commonly cause diaphoresis, with the frequency of sweating as a side effect being as high as 50%. so, how many of the people who are experiencing this problem take zinc and in what dosage? personally, i'm taking around 45mg of it a day (15 from multi and 30 separately).
  2. i too sweat on a lot on my face, especially above my lip, and have been off accutane for a while now (a year and a half maybe?). it annoys the heck out of me
  3. carlson liquid fish oil if you don't want to take a ton of horse pills
  4. i think that being a candidate is perfectly reasonable. i also think that dermatologists are much more qualified than family docs are when it comes to acne and administering a course of accutane. with that being said, you may want to leave accutane up to the derm, and use use your appointment today to bring the family doc up to speed, get any longer-term derm referrals setup, etc.
  5. olay body wash with shea butter for extra dry skin head & shoulders classic clean shampoo
  6. you might want to drop the facial scrub and try a gentler face wash (like cetaphil gentle cleanser) i'd still consider a moisturizer if you're using bp. it's speculation, but i think that using one, even when you have oily skin, can help normalize oil production. your skin might be trying to compensate for the dryness that the bp and washing causes. just a thought. to answer your question, the regular head & shoulders just seems to work better for a lot of people. it has a form of zinc
  7. you might want to try neutrogena's oil-free moisture for combination skin. i apply it right after i wash & dry my face, wait 5-15 mins to let it absorb and then apply the topical (in my case it's duac every other day). in addition, you may want to try cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and stopping the cold compresses unless you've been directed otherwise.
  8. reduce or even ditch the exfoliator, and wash gently with your hands
  9. as a male with adult acne, i know how devastating it can be. however, with the help of my dermatologist, resources like this site, and a lot of patience and dedication, i've managed to get things pretty much under control. to make a long story short, i did a course of accutane which produced good results in the short-term (though i think it did play somewhat of a positive role in the long-term). when the acne started to return, i contemplated doing another course but decided to try some alter
  10. in addition, you may want to start out with a lower dose and gradually ramp up to the ~3g.
  11. i'm using carlson liquid and am mixing it in with my protein shakes (2x a day). i just started, but it appears to offer the best combination of price/performance/convenience. i also have the carlson super omega 3 capsules for when the liquid isn't convenient, but the dang things are like horse pills... they're HUGE and i don't know how anybody could deal w/ taking 6+ on a daily basis.
  12. as far as i can tell, the optimum nutrition whey isn't causing me any issues. as for flavors, i prefer the banana creme and chocolate