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  1. This is sort of embarassing, but have any of you noticed a decrease in sex drive? I did a search on this site and I guess it blocks testosterone, which relates to sex drive. Now, before I scare any other guys who are considering it, it's not like I'm impotent or anything. It just seems like it takes a bit longer to get an erection and I just wanted to see if this was common. Worst.Side-effect.Ever
  2. CT, Well, I've heard Tazorac or Retin A (both very similar) are basically just the topical versions of Accutane, so perhaps you'd be willing to try that. I can't really recommend any because I haven't tried much, but it seems pretty unanimous that differin doesn't work. You might be able to get on accutane. I probably had the same amount of actual pimples you do, but mine were leaving marks. If yours are too, I suggest you talk to your doc about accutane. I just finished two months and the
  3. Hey, I'm not really sure what I can say to all that. It's really heartbreaking to know that anybody has to suffer from acne, let alone have it to the point where it effects you pyschologically. I too fell into this trap to an extent. My acne never was as bad as you say yours is, but I know it hurts. I don't know where in Michigan you're located, but I know here in SE Michigan, people are really superficial and it made high school very difficult sometimes...actually a lot of the time. I know I g
  4. Hey Trance, I've been where you were. Although from the sounds of it, my acne wasn't nearly as severe as yours, I can wholly relate to the feelings of depression. I actually broke down in front of my mom (and let's just say that with our relationship, suicide was a hell of a lot more probable) over my skin. I also can relate to the part about having your girlfriend cheer you up. My girlfriend vehemently opposed me going on accutane. She swore up and down that it(my acne) wasn't as bad as I tho
  5. Is this stuff abrasive at all? I'm just wondering because I'm on accutane and while that's really getting rid of active acne (actually, I think I don't have a single real pimple on my face), I need some stuff to get rid of these red marks from recent pimples. That's sort of what's holding my face back from looking pretty good right now.
  6. I think the 'pimple for every pore' myth came from the origins of accutane. Remember, it was designed for people who had severe acne that didn't respond to other treatments. We all know accutane is supposed to bring out all of your current acne quickly, well, if you traditionally have a lot, you probably still have a ton waiting under the skin. So you have what you normally have (which is a fair amount) plus all taht was brought to the skin, thus plenty more pimples. Just a theory though.
  7. Warrior, I feel your pain man. I'm in the midst of month 2 right now, so I think I can help. Did I have that massive breakout that everyone talks about? Not really. I had slightly more acne for a few weeks BUT I think the reason I had so many of the red spots was from washing/BP and since nothing goes on your face, the redness cleared up and my face actually looked better. I didn't really have cysts or anything, or that much actual acne, it was just that the redness never healed so my skin wa
  8. Dato, I was probably in the mild-moderate acne zone. Normally I wouldn't have that many pimples, but they always lingered on and almsot always left red marks, making my skin terribly blotchy. As far as whether low dosage or high dosage works better, couldn't tell ya really. I do know that lower dosages have weaker side effects. My doctor started me on 20mg a pill and told me that he'd boost me up to 40mg a day if I was doing okay with the side effects. I do believe that this stepping up proces
  9. Yeah I forgot to mention side effects. I have pretty bad chapped lips...the biggest problem is while I rarely ever got dry lips before, whenever I did, I picked at it. So accutane has been constant peeling of dry skin off my lips, even at the cost of it bleeding. Bad habits die hard. As far as dry skin, my only really dry skin is around my mouth and nose, as was mentioned by Cory. Maybe it's because I moisturize daily, but I haven't noticed my face getting dry at all (even when I wake up). My h
  10. Hi, I've been on Accutane for approx. 3 weeks. I'm on 20mg twice a day. I'll just tell you what I've personally noticed. The first week a lot of my old marks started fading/going away (started around day 5). This went on until the end of the second week. My back broke out quite badly, and painfully at that. My face did break out (I still had a few pimples from when I started during the first 2 weeks, but I had no new ones), but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I don't know if that was th
  11. I feel your pain man. I thought I had about moderate acne...I've seen much worse, but I've also seen much better. For about 5 weeks, I did pretty good on the Regimen. Some back and forth weeks, but all in all it was clearing me up. Then I got a pretty bad breakout. I didnt' fret cuz it's happened before and I figured it would just clear up like normal. It didn't. It got progressively worse until maybe the day before New Years Eve. I started using toothpaste as a wash, and it does what it say
  12. Well, here's the stage you're in according to the website: "In weeks 3 - 6 you may develop some new pimples. But you can handle it! This is a sure sign RETIN-A MICRO is doing its job. Under the skin, RETIN-A MICRO is loosening the stuff that causes breakouts and is pushing it onto your skin's surface to be washed away. Even though you may look worse for a while, hang in there." I never knew developing pimples was a sign of them going away, but it's probably because it's getting all the seb
  13. Hey man, good updates. If you break out bad soon, don't fret. I'm sure it will work in the end. I was on the Regimen for 5 weeks. The first 4 weeks saw some pretty good improvement. Then the last week I had a bad breakout that's only gotten worse. So I went up to the doc and am starting accutane tomorrow. I feel your pain about the red spots that aren't really pimples; those are actually my biggest problem. But as far as your dryness/oilyness goes, get a good moisturizer with aloe in it (what
  14. Hey Mercer, I just got a prescription for Accutane (40mg a day). The doctor said I was a poster child for it (I was doing great with the Regimen until recently, this last breakout keeps spreading and not healing). Being that I'm just starting, what can I expect for the first portion of being on Accutane? Please give as much detail as you feel necessary/comfortable with giving. This can be answered by anyone on accutane, but I figured Mercer seems to talk about it the most.
  15. Hey, I've been reading up on everyones thoughts of accutane and a few on other sites. Well, I was looking through another acne board (I'm such a traitor!) and I saw some people talking about how it can cause birth defects. I read that it's true if a female gets pregnant, the child has a high chance of having a birth defect. I was wondering if anybody knew of any side effects to males regarding impregnation and birth defects. I didn't know if it was a female only thing, or if it could make a